Find out which Senators voted for/against the ERA

By Brandon Jarvis

The Senate Privileges and Elections committee just voted to pass the Equal Rights Amendment with 8 votes in support, and 6 votes against. The bill is being championed by Sen. Sturtevant (R) and Sen. Dance (D). 

Senator Amanda Chase (R), and outspoken opponent of the ERA, grilled Sen. Sturtevant on the meaning of sex, saying that this bill failed to define sex. She also announced that she recently put together an "Equal Rights Affirmation". It was unclear at the time what exactly she was talking about.

The bill will now move to full Senate floor, where it is likely to pass. The bill will face much tougher hurdles in the House with less support, at least publicly, from Republicans. 

Senators Dance, Deeds, Desteph, Ebbin, Edwards, Howell, Spruill, and Vogel voted in support of the bill. Senators Chalin, Chase, Cosgrove, Peake, Reeves, and Ruff voted against the ERA.