Brandon Jarvis and Richmond 2day

My name is Brandon Jarvis and I am the managing editor at However, I will also be working with RVA Dirt as I report on the General Assembly. RVA Dirt has an excellent grasp on Richmond City politics - being my main source for information as it is happening in the city since 2016. They have presented real-time news and facts from City Council and School Board meetings to forums and town halls.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to help them expand their coverage that is already unique in Richmond’s media market. However, while I work as a reporter and team up with RVA Dirt, Richmond 2day will continue to have a team of reporters and citizen-journalists covering the General Assembly and any other political news across the state, from Congress to the local local School Boards.

The media and the press are the most important tools of democracy. Transparency is necessary for a government to govern and lead effectively. My goal is to present a reader with the facts and details that they need to create an informed opinion on a subject. Thank you for allowing me to do that.

Follow me on Twitter @Jaaavis for real-time updates.