Lobby Day Is Over

Citizens Advocate for Gun Control from Both Sides at the Capitol

  • The Virginia Citizens Defense League held a Second Amendment rally at the Bell Tower at Capitol Square in the morning. The Virginia Center for Public Safety followed with an afternoon vigil that honored lives lost to gun violence.

Northam says he supports raising Virginia's smoking and vaping age from 18 to 21

  • Gov. Ralph Northam said Monday that he supports legislation to raise Virginia’s minimum age for tobacco purchases from 18 to 21, locking in bipartisan backing for the bill among top political leaders. “The less minors that put that first cigarette in their mouth, the better,” Northam said in an interview Monday morning. “Nicotine is addictive, we know that.”

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School Safety Bills Are Up for Final Approval

  • The House of Delegates on Tuesday is expected to pass the first five bills in a package of legislation to improve school safety — proposals drafted by a special committee after the mass shooting last year at a high school in Parkland, Florida. House Speaker Kirk Cox, a high school teacher for 30 years, and other Republican delegates held a news conference Monday to urge support for the bills, which would help schools improve security, require them to have emergency response plans and ensure that counselors spend most of their time with students.

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Va. Senate Republicans take up $15 minimum wage and kill it, seeking to send message to Northern Virginia chamber

  • The Senate, on a 21-19 party-line vote, by which Republicans sought to send a message to the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce, defeated a bill Monday to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2021.

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Lobbying ‘Day of Action’ Brings Hundreds to Richmond

  • Hundreds of political activists from across Virginia gathered in Richmond on Monday to lobby in favor of driving rights for immigrants, a higher minimum wage and voting rights for felons.

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Richmond-area senator wants to restore pre-recession school staffing levels

  • Lifting a decade-long cap on certain state-funded school staffing won’t come cheap, but Sen. Jennifer McClellan, D-Richmond, is asking the General Assembly to do it — again.

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Williams: Virginia has a dark history of lynching. Efforts are underway to bring it to light.

  • The 80-odd men who broke into the Charles City courthouse jail to lynch Isaac Brandon were masked, armed and unburdened by the truth.

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VCU report: City won't recoup investment on Redskins training camp deal until at least 2023

  • Richmond won’t break even financially until 2023 on the economic development deal that brought the Washington Redskins to the city for the team’s annual training camp, according to a new study by the Virginia Commonwealth University Center for Urban and Regional Analysis.

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Masculinity Over Everything

  • It’s been a few days since the Women’s March RVA and as motivated as I am to build; my passion is to amplify narratives of persistence for black women. I understand that dismantling the patriarchy will take bulldozers of disruption as well as barriers of sustainable resistance. With this resistance, will come reactions, some healthy and others that perpetuate the historic harms, especially at the expense of black women. These oppressive reactions are normally ones loaded in defense and avoidance of bias that then lead to unnecessary caping. Caping, or to cape, is defined in the Urban Dictionary as “blindly defending someone.” As I reflected on seeing 1000 Richmonders from all backgrounds at the Arthur Ashe Center last Saturday, I couldn’t help but think how we, as a society, have different reactions to people based on how we perceive their identity. It is human nature to process the world through a lens of our own experience; however, our lenses are partly shaped by the dominant narrative of our country. The problem comes when we blindly rely on our unchecked lens to guide how we think we are supposed to react. AKA: CAPING.

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A Sacred Public Space

  • "Today, we work to restore history together," Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney told a crowd of 250-plus volunteers at a special ceremony held at Evergreen Cemetery on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. "Today, we celebrate the permanent protection of Evergreen as a sacred public space that represents our shared values of freedom, service and opportunity."

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