Don Harrison

Mayoral Playlist with Levar Stoney, by WRIR 97.3FM DJ Sean Lovelace

What music are you currently listening to?

You know what? I’m a big hip hop guy, believe it or not. 35 years old and I grew up in the Biggie Smalls/Notorious BIG era, you know P Diddy and all that stuff, Bad Boy. I listen to a lot of hip hop. What I’m listening to now, what gets me hype before going into different debates and forums and what not is a little Kendrick Lamar “Alright”. I listen to a lot of Drake as well. And sometimes I go old school and put some Notorious BIG, some Biggie.

Any local artists that you enjoy?

You know what I will admit I have not been in tune in terms of finding some local artists. I’ll admit I’m as boring as all get out sometimes. I probably need to get out some more.

What song or artist do you put on to get pumped?        

Gosh to get pumped I go some different places here. I do some Hip Hop, like I said, a little Kendrick Lamar. What’s it called, Seven Nation Army (hums bass riff). What else do I do? I will end up with some Drake.  This song called “Used To” by Drake that gets me, “takes some getting used to.”

And what do you listen to when you want to relax?

Gosh when I relax... I’m a jazz guy when I relax. Whether it’s Coltrane you know, I’m more of a jazz guy. I also like some oldies, too. James Brown, Temptations, that’s old I know, but that’s what I listen to. Sam Cooke, those are my guys. 

Were you in band in school and if so what instrument did you play?

Do I look like I play an instrument? I talk for a living. No no no, I play no instruments. I never learned how to, anything of the sort. They tried to get me to play the recorder back in elementary school and I was awful at that.

What radio station is your car receiver tuned to?

92.1 and 106.5 the Beat. 


Questions and article by Sean Lovelace, WRIR 97.3 FM DJ, Cosmic Slop

Interview by Don Harrison, WRIR 97.3 FM Host of Open Source RVA

Edited by Melissa Vaughn

Mayoral Playlist with Jon Baliles, by WRIR 97.3 FM's DJ Sean Lovelace

Mayoral Playlist with Jon Baliles, by WRIR 97.3 FM's DJ Sean Lovelace

Music. It makes the people come together, mixes the bourgeoisie with the rebel, and is an undeniable part of the Richmond narrative. So, in a mayoral race with such varied personalties, I wanted to explore deeper than the songs the candidates came out to at the Mayorathon. While we should not offer up our votes blindly to a candidate with similar tastes in tunes, it refreshing to hear them open up about what they enjoy both while getting hype or relaxing. For me, music is a great way to gain insight about a person. I dare say you can learn what someone is like from what they like and how they go about sharing those answers. With that in mind, I present you the answers received by Don Harrison as he interviewed the various candidates for Open Source RVA.