Stoney's Campaign Promises

by Jessee Perry

Shortly after Election Night 2016, I pulled together as many of Mayor Levar Stoney’s campaign promises as I could find (and source) and put them in an Excel document. Since then, the document, saved as “Stoney Accountability,” has sat, untouched on an old laptop. Until now. Insert dramatic music here.

Below you will find the “Stoney Accountability” document. If you view it as a Google Sheets document, you will note there are two tabs at the bottom. One tab contains his campaign promises. The other tab is links to as many of the sources I cited as I could find. I haven’t tested the links since I copied them into this document so if some don’t work, it is because the website URL is now a broken link for one reason or another.

As an extra bonus, here are PDFs of his campaign website from December 3, 2016:

If there are sources or promises that we missed, please email us with the promise and supporting documentation (e.g. website link, PDF, photo of campaign literature, video, etc). Our email is

Y’all, I even saved his campaign photo. LOL.

Y’all, I even saved his campaign photo. LOL.