#RVACouncil 9.10.2018

Well hello dear friends of Richmond City Council! We are back in full gear with our first September meeting tomorrow night. What does city government have cooking for us this week? Check out the full agenda below but here are some highlights. 

  • A handful of speakers have organized to come to council and speak out against Commonwealth's Attorney Mike Herring's recent decision to not indict Officer Michael Nyantakyi in the death of Marcus David Peters. 
  • Also in citizen comment it looks like we will get someone talking about Bird Scooters
  • Consent agenda has a lot of rezonings and SUPs but also legislation that advocates for the Virginia General Assembly to pass legislation that will allow Richmond to create a law that prevents elected officials and city employees from becoming lobbyists for 1 year following leaving their position. 
  • On regular agenda it looks like we might finally get a vote on the city's residency requirement. Also, Reva's legislation regarding councilperson reimbursements is back. Last time this legislation was discussed, the decision was to allow time for technology plans to be implements for the data to be publicly posted. Has that been done? Looking forward to finding out! 

Oh, also... Stone Brewing Bistro papers were continued. Again. Also in continuances is legislation regarding businesses being responsible for picking up trash outside their business and providing trash cans and a request from the General Assembly to allow Richmond City to make their own determination on what will happen with the monuments. 


4pm - Informal Meeting

6pm - Formal Meeting

CIty Hall, 900 E Broad Street, 2nd Floor, Council Chambers

Antenna Ch. 57, Cable Ch. 24

City Council Agenda

City Council Live Stream

City Council Meeting Attendance Tips

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Board Appointments and Reappointments

  • Citizen Advisory Commission on Alternatives to Incarceration: James Arnold, Denise Cooper, Toni Johnson
  • Sister Cities Commission: Caroline Blake, Darren Scott Green


Awards and Recognition

  • Richmond City Council Sister Cities Commission International Guidepost Installation


Citizen Comment

  • Melvin Jones: Concerns with the city’s new public transportation network
  • Jesse Faison: Concerns regarding the use of electronic devices to obstruct others
  • Bill Laffoon: Concerns regarding blocked alley and communication with Council
  • Princess Blanding: Justice and Reformation
  • Taleta Jones: Marcus David Peters Case
  • Sam LaGrone: Electric Scooter Policy


Consent Agenda

  • ORD 2017-242: Adopt amendments to Shops at Stratford Hills Community Unit Plan that increase the area by 3.4 acres and modify the development standards
  • ORD 2018-199: Accept $30,000 in grant funds from Local Initiatives Support Corporation for Richmond Police’s LISC- Midnight Basketball to support the League for Safer Streets program
  • ORD 2018-200: Accept $10,500 from the Washington/Baltimore High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area and Mercyhurst University for the Adult Drug Court’s RADTC- Step Up and Out Program to establish a reentry path for participants transitioning from jail to the community
  • ORD 2018-201: Clarify city code intent that the Director of Economic Development serve as the Executive Director of the Economic Development Authority
  • ORD 2018-208: Close N. 17th between E. Franklin and E. Main for an urban plaza centered around the 17th Street Farmers Market
  • ORD 2018-209: Updating sign regulations and fees for zonings
  • ORD 2018-210: Rezone 3 Manchester Road, 3A Manchester Road, and 2 Hull Street Road from RF1 Riverfront District to B4 Central Business District which are currently truck storage and vacant industrial building to a mixed-use residential community. Here is information from an April 2018 article. 
  • ORD 2018-211: Rezone properties on N. 3rd Street, Maggie L. Walker Place, and 2nd Street from R-53 Multifamily Residential District to B-7 Mixed Use Business District to include a hotel, commercial uses, and the existing private club
  • ORD 2018-212: SUP to allow signage on St. James Episcopal Church property
  • ORD 2018-213: SUP for 2600 Idlewood Ave and 309 South Robinson Street for a social service delivery use and accessory parking
  • ORD 2018-214: SUP for 3400 Stony Point Road (Sabot at Stoney Point) for limited special events on the weekends
  • ORD 2018-215: SUP for 4410 Kensington Avenue for permitting an accessory dwelling unit within an existing detached garage
  • ORD 2018-216: SUP for 200 E. Cary Street for a Single-Family Dwelling
  • ORD 2018-217: SUP for 5263 Warwick Road for a wireless telecommunications monopole and associated equipment
  • RES 2018-R072: Resolution showing Council support to the 2019 Virginia General Assembly to amend the Code of VA to permit the City of Richmond to create legislation that would restrict elected officials and employees from lobbying 1 year after their tenure has ended


Regular Agenda

  • ORD 2018-110: Amend city residency requirement so it only applies to the CAO, Chief of Fire and Emergency Services, and Chief of Police
  • RES 2018-R066: Allowing the reimbursement of council members without approval via resolution and raising the threshold above which a resolution is required from $1,000 to $5,000


Continued Legislation

  • ORD 2018-202 (continued to October 8) : add to city code a business’s duty to remove trash from paved sidewalks and provide trash receptacles for public use
  • ORD 2018-203 (continued to September 24): amend city code regarding days and hours when 17th Street Farmers Market is open and closed for vendors and the public
  • ORD 2018-204 (continued to September 24): Execute a lease between City of Richmond and Capital Area Health Network DBA Vernon J. Davis East End Community Health Center for health center office space at 719 North 25th Street
  • ORD 2018-205 (continued to September 24th): Adopt the master plan to incorporate the public art master plan as part of the master plan
  • ORD 2018-207 (continued to September 24th): designate the 100 block of Larne Avenue in honor of Yvonne Spain
  • ORD 2018-101 (continued to September 24th): Stone Brewery Bistro
  • ORD 2018-126 (continued to September 24th): Stone Brewery Bistro
  • RES 2018-R073 (continued to September 24th): Request that General Assembly of Virginia grant City Council authority to determine the disposition of monuments and statues