#RPSBoard 9.4.2018

Tuesday September 4th is not only the first day of school but a school board meeting. There are two main agenda topics; however, there is an additional discussion that will have to happen not yet listed on the agenda. 

  • School Readiness- There is a presentation on school readiness that includes hiring and operations updates. Highlights include there being 22 teacher vacancies which is significantly lower than years past. In addition, they have made progress on repairing bathrooms through the bathroom blitz which included replacing 200 paper towel dispensers, 150 toilet paper dispensers, 150 soap dispensers, 260 faucets, 170 sinks, 20 stall doors, 200 stall locks, 3 toilets/urinals, and 100 ceiling tiles. Structural projects include replacing all 100 windows and 21 doors at Overby-Sheppard, completing roof projects at Fairfield Court and Westover Hills, installing two modular units at Fox Elementary, completing Huguenot gym, replacing 40 window AC units, and replaced 400+ ballasts to improve lighting. 
  • Strategic Plan- The strategic plan is up for a vote. This final proposal includes goals and priority actions. 
  • School Start Times and Professional Development- In the days leading up to school starting, there were questions about the start time for schools as it seemed to be different from last year. Eventually teachers and parents received information communicating the changes. In addition, teachers received communication regarding their contract hours and professional development hours that varied from prior year information. With the short notice and lack of school board approval, there have been questions, dissent, and unrest. Superintendent Kamras discussed these items in a recent email that indicates he was unaware of the need for board approval for the change and would be bringing it to the board on Tuesday.