#RVACouncil 6.11.2018


While Stone Brewing papers are continued again, the property sale to Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School is on the consent agenda and the residency requirement changes are on the regular agenda. The Anna Julia Cooper papers have been amended to state clearly the land would be going to them instead of using RRHA as a conduit. The proposed paper about the residency requirement would make it so ONLY the Chief of Fire and Emergency Services, Chief of Police, and Chief Administrative Officer would have the requirement to live in the city AND the option for waiver would be removed. 

In addition, the family of Marcus-David Peters and community plan to attend and speak at City Council and are requesting attendees wear burgundy to show solidarity. A few people are already signed up for citizen comment but it is not too late to sign up. If you want to sign up for citizen comment, you have until NOON on Monday and all you have to do is call the City Clerk at 804-646-7955 and provide them with your name, residency information, and topic. 


4pm - Informal Meeting

6pm - Formal Meeting

CIty Hall, 900 E Broad Street, 2nd Floor, Council Chambers

Antenna Ch. 57, Cable Ch. 24

City Council Agenda

City Council Live Stream

City Council Meeting Attendance Tips

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Awards and Recognition

  • Richmond Distinguished Public Service Award will be presented by 8th District Councilwoman Reva Trammell to Deputy Police Chief Steven R. Drew to recognize his service in Richmond and wish him well as the Chief of Police for Newport News.


Citizen Comment Period

(Sign up for Citizen Comment by calling the City Clerk Office at 804-646-7955and providing your name/district/topic by NOON on Monday.)

  • L. Shirley Harvey on the State of the City
  • Princess Blanding on Marcus-David Peters- Justice and Reform
  • Joseph Rogers on Marcus-David Peters- Justice and Reform
  • Rebecca Keel on Marcus-David Peters- Justice and Reform
  • Lynetta Thompson on Marcus-David Peters- Justice and Reform
  • Antonio Redd on Marcus-David Peters- Justice and Reform


Consent Agenda

  • ORD 2018-044: Establish a Human Rights Commission and prohibit certain discriminatory practices
  • ORD 2018-118, ORD 2018-119, ORD 2018-120, ORD 2018-121, ORD 2018-122, ORD 2018-123, ORD 2018-124, ORD 2018-125: Acquire properties by Creighton Court at tax delinquent sale and sell those properties to Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School for a community center.
  • ORD 2018-156: Amending the amounts for the Community Development Block Grant from HUD to increase how much was received and move remaining funds to the new fiscal year budget.
  • RES 2018-R046: Appoint Louis Lassiter as Interim Inspector General
  • RES 2018-R047: Approve Richmond Plan of Services under the Virginia Juvenile Community Crime Control Act. Plan of Services was developed between the Richmond City Department of Justice Services, the 13th District Court Service Unit, and the judges of the Richmond JDR Court.
  • RES 2018-R048: Approve $425 from Council District Funds for the Eighth District to pay Sal’s Pizza for 50 pizzas served to the attendees of the 8th district community meeting on April 19th.
  • RES 2018-R049: Approve $299.89 from Council District Funds for the 1st District to pay Feast Catering & Events for providing catering services as the 1st District Thomas Jefferson High School Teacher Appreciation Week breakfast held on May 10th.
  • RES 2018-R050: Approved $2,000 from Council District Funds for the 2nd District to make a donation to Neighborhood Housing Services of Richmond, Inc to assist with the costs of its school anti-bullying and stop the violence movement event to be held on June 2, 2018.


Regular Agenda

  • ORD 2018-110: Change the residency requirement so it only applies to the Chief of Fire and Emergency Services, Chief of Police, and Chief Administrative Officer and eliminate the option for a waiver. This would remove the residency requirement for the City Assessor, City Attorney, City Auditor, City Clker, Library Director, Director of Budget and Strategic Planning, Director of Planning and Development Review, Director of Economic and Community Development, Director of Finance, Director of Human Resources, Director of Information Technology, Director of Justice Services, Director of Procurement Services, Director of Public Utilities, Director of Public Works, Director of Parks/Rec/Community Facilities, Director of Social Services, Special Assistant to the Mayor, Executive Director Port of Richmond, Executive Director Richmond Retirement System, Chief of Staff of the Mayor’s or Chief Administrative Office, any person serving in a position appointed by council, deputies/assistants to the mayor or CAO, directors/agency heads appointed by the CAO, persons appointed above a pay range 21, Business Management Officer, Chief of Risk Management, City Engineer, Commissioner of Buildings, Deputy City Clerk, Information Technology Manager I.  



  • ORD 2017-242: (continued to July 23rd) Amendments to the Shops at Stratford Hills Community Unit Plan
  • ORD 2018-101 and ORD 2018-126: (continued to June 25th- awaiting amendment) Amend Stone Brewing Agreement and Phase 2