#RVACouncil 5.29.2018


A lot of stuff has been continued... again. That means there will not be a discussion about Stone Brewing, the residency requirement, or Anna Julia Cooper properties tomorrow. There is only one item on the Regular Agenda and that is a paper from 2nd District Councilwoman Kim Gray who wants to establish a city code that Council won't vote on new taxes or increases until at least 30 days after they have been introduced. 

Consent agenda is a bunch of random stuff. First.... there will be a free week of bus fare when Pulse goes into service. Second... there are a handful of papers to rezone properties. My big question on these properties is why are we rezoning properties on the consent agenda outside of the master planning process? I get that it will take awhile for the plans to be complete but it seems there should be a little bit more on these. For example, there is one proposed rezoning to 104 N Belvidere where they promised to retain the existing building... but at the same time the only public comment forms received are from the applicant and someone associated with the applicant. Another example is this one at 127 North 17th Street in Shockoe Bottom where the applicant wants to rezone to Transit Oriented Nodal District (yay!) so they can build a hotel. TOD-1 zoning would allow for a building up to 12 stories. How does this work with the Shockoe Bottom plan that was released not that long ago? 

Even though it has been continued, 6th District Councilwoman Ellen Robertson is doing a lot it seems. She has papers in that are continued until October that would request the CAO to develop policies/methods for all departments/boards/commissions/agencies to use performance budgeting to allocate resources AND that all departments/agencies incorporate recommendations from the Mayor's Anti-Poverty Commission to their budgets. I am there for both of those items but it is interesting to me that this is coming from a councilperson when Mayor Stoney included key performance indicators and a Performance Management Office in his budget this year. It also seems Mayor Stoney's direction is for all city departments to address the needs of the "whole-child" so to cite the Anti-Poverty Commission recommendations from a previous mayor is an interesting move. I am mostly curious if there is a point where the Mayor and Council's visions will collide. Oh, also.... if you were wondering.... I have not seen the paper Robertson promised to introduce at the next meeting that would establish a committee for school funding when she voted against the cigarette tax a month ago. 


4pm - Informal Meeting

6pm - Formal Meeting

CIty Hall, 900 E Broad Street, 2nd Floor, Council Chambers

Antenna Ch. 57, Cable Ch. 24

City Council Agenda

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Citizen Comment

  • Melvin Jones on the Maggie Walker Celebration
  • Elder Nathaniel M. Bassett III on Neighborhood Blight and Crime



  • ORD 2017-197 (continued to June 25th): Amend the city code to create an Education, Health, and Human Services Grant Commission, a Visual and Performing Arts Grant commission, and related grant programs for nonprofit organizations to be administered by each commission
  • ORD 2017-236 (continued to July 23rd and waiting withdrawl by patron): Require CAO to develop a 10-year citywide infrastructure maintenance plan
  • ORD 2018-044 (continued to June 11th): Amend city code to create a Human Rights Commission and prohibit certain discriminatory practices
  • ORD 2018-118 through ORD 2018-125 (to be amended and continued to June 11th): Purchase and sell properties near Creighton Court to Anna Julia Cooper School
  • RES 2017-R076 (continued to June 25th): Establish that per capita amounts be used to determine budget appropriations for nonprofit organization grand programs
  • RES 2017-R086 (continued to July 23rd): Request CAO to establish and implement a policy and methodology to require any residential development agreement mandate a minimum percentage of new residential development’s total units be designated as affordable housing
  • RES 2018-R018 (continued to July 23rd): Request CAO to prepare and submit to council a monthly report regarding electronic citizen requests for services to monitor City responsiveness
  • RES 2018-R019 (continued to October 8th): Request CAO develop a policy and methodology to implement performance budgeting for all departments, boards, commissions, and agencies of the city for the purpose of using performance indicator data to allocate resources
  • RES 2018-R024 (continued to July 23rd): Declare a public necessity to amend zoning ordinances to reduce or eliminate requirements concerning minimum number of off-street parking spaces for business zoning districts within the city of Richmond
  • RES 2018-R045 (continued to October 8th): Request that CAO cause all city departments and other agencies to incorporate into their budget requests goals and initiatives designed to support recommendations of Mayor’s Anti-Poverty Commission
  • ORD 2018-101 and ORD 2018-126 (to be amended and continued to June 11th): Stone Brewery Cooperation Agreement for Phase 2 Facility
  • ORD 2018-110 (to be continued per patron’s request to June 11th): Amend city code regarding residency requirement


Consent Agenda

  • ORD 2018-127: Create a requirement that datasets used to prepare reports made to City Council and its standing committees be published to the open data portal
  • ORD 2018-132: Authorize CAO to enter into the Twenty-Second Commercial Area Revitalization Effort Program Cooperation Agreement with the EDA to operate the Commercial Area Revitalization Effort (CARE) Program
  • ORD 2018-133: Amend city code to reflect amendments of VA Code regarding applications for equalization of real estate assessments
  • ORD 2018-134: Amend city code to reflect amendments to the Constitution of Virginia regarding real estate tax exemption for qualified veterans
  • ORD 2018-135: Rezone 104 North Belvidere Street from R-73 Multifamily Residential District to B-4 Central Business District---- this is a building currently leased to VCU through August 2020 as an office building and they want to change it to a mixed use building with possible 1 level underground parking, 1st floor retail, and a mix of offices and apartments on higher floors. There is a signed statement to retain the existing building. The only received public comment forms are from the applicant.
  • ORD 2018-136: Rezone 701, 705, and a portion of 715 West 19th Street from R-53 Multifamily Residential District to the RF-2C Riverfront District; a portion of 715 West 19th Street, a portion of 1701 Stonewall Ave, and 700 Cowardin Ave from B-3 General Business District to the RF-2C Riverfront District; and a portion of 1701 Stonewall Ave from M-1 Light Industrial District to RF-2C Riverfront District. These properties are the block bound by Riverside Drive, Cowardin Ave, Stonewall Ave, and West 19th Street where the applicant wants to build mixed use properties including single-, two-family, and multi-family dwellings.
  • ORD 2018-137: Rezone 127 North 17th Street from M-1 Light Industrial District to the TOD-1 Transit-Oriented Nodal District. This is a corner property at E. Grace and N. 17th Street with a vacant industrial building and surface parking area. Applicant wishes to construct a new hotel on the property which is allowed under TOD-1 with a maximum of 12 stories.
  • ORD 2018-138: Authorize a special use of 800 West Marshall Street to be a mixed-use building with a restaurant and up to two dwelling units.
  • ORD 2018-144: Accept $1.9M from VA Dept of Social Services and transfer $671K in matching funds to Office of Community Wealth Building for Special Fund budget entitled TANF RVA GPS (Guiding People to Success)
  • ORD 2018-145: Increase expected revenues from annual dog and cat annual license program to the Office of Animal Care and Control’s Pet License Collections Special Fund
  • ORD 2018-146: Approve Work Plan and Budget for provision of services in the Downtown Richmond Special Service and Assessment Districts
  • ORD 2018-147: Move $3.7M in appropriated funds to the correct agencies and non-departmental programs pursuant to the general fund budget recently adopted
  • ORD 2018-148: $1M to schools for lead abatement first and then other issues related to health and safety in public schools
  • ORD 2018-149: Rename basketball courts at Pine Camp Cultural Arts and Community Center to “The Tom Folliard Basketball Courts at Pine Camp”
  • ORD 2018-150: Add language to the city code regarding notice of termination of construction general permits
  • ORD 2018-151: Amend city code for 1 week of free bus fare
  • ORD 2018-152: Amend city code regarding public inspection of certain records to conform to the VA Code
  • ORD 2018-R033: Express Council’s support for the oversight of design and construction of public schools by the Richmond School Board and request the School Board prepare and submit a construction plan for the design and construction of such facilities
  • RES 2018-R037: Approve $27.16 from Council District Funds to reimburse Reva Trammell for the cost of ice and bottled water for a community meeting
  • RES 2018-R038: Approve $96.06 from Council district Funds to reimburse Reva Trammell for gift bags for children and music/sound system
  • RES 2018-R039: Approve $350 from Council District Funds to pay Mark Fish Fry & Catering for services at the Sixth District Highland Park Spring Break event
  • RES 2018-R040: Approve $700 from Council District Funds for the 7th District to make a donation to the Richmond Police Athletic League to support its summer camp at Swansboro Elementary
  • RES 2018-R041: Approve $3,149.49 from Council District Funds to pay Printersmark for printing and mailing the 4th District Summer 2018 Newsletter
  • RES 2018-R044: Request CAO prepare and submit a report making recommendations for an appeals process for civil penalties



Regular Agenda

  • RES 2018-R042 (to be amended and considered): Establish a policy of council that the council will not vote to adopt any ordinance establishing or increasing any tax levied by the city until at least 30 days have elapsed since the introduction of such ordinance