Richmond Public Schools is currently working through the process to create a strategic vision. Superintendent Kamras's vision for this planning process is for it to be community based so there are meetings across the city where people can discuss the questions for input together as a group. In addition, there is an online component that allows anyone to submit individual or group comments. The online submission form can be accessed here

Visioning meetings have already occured in the 3rd, 6th, 7th, and 9th districts; however, there are five meetings still remaining as listed below. If you were not able to attend for your district, please consider submitting your comments online. 

May 29th: 5th District from 6-730PM at Swansboro Elementary

June 1st: 4th District from 6-730PM at Southhampton Elementary

June 6th: 1st District from 6-730PM at Thomas Jefferson High 

June 8th: 8th District from 6-730PM at Boushall Middle

June 15th: 2nd District from 6-730PM at Carver Elementary