#RPSBoard 5.21.2018


Please note the location for this meeting... it is going to be at JEB Stuart and not down at City Hall. After a ton of recognition, the board will hold public hearing on changing the name of the school from JEB Stuart Elementary. There are also some update items on things like the 100 Day Plan, Strategic Vision process, water testing, and more. 

#ICYMI, don't forget to listen to our interview with Jason Kamras on Municipal Mania on his 100th day. 


Date: May 21st

Time: 6:00PM

Location: JEB Stuart Elementary 3101 Fendall Ave Richmond, VA

RVA Council Meeting Tips are good for RPS Board too! 


  • Recognition
    • Kloe Wood, May Student Representative
    • Tomorrow's Hope Art Work Submissions
    • Binford Lady Lions Middle School Basketball Champions
    • Rulr of Law Essay Winners
    • RPS Shines!
    • Sarah Anzelmo-Steele- 2018 John Marshall Foundation Teacher of the Year
    • Ryan James - 2018 Milken Educator Award
  • JEB Stuart Public Hearing
    • Receive public comment on the renaming of JEB Stuart Elementary School
  • Public Comment
  • Board Business
    • Provide a report on the 100-Day Plan
  • Administration Business
    • Receive an update on the cost to rename JEB Stuart Elementary School
    • Receive an update on the Strategic Planning process
    • Receive an update on water testing
    • Receive an update on the Budget and Equity Audits
  • Budgetary Items
    • Receive a FY '19 budget recommendation and 2019-2023 CIP budget
  • Board Action Items
    • Receive for action the Student Code of Responsible Ethics
    • Receive for action the recommendation to authorize the Superintendent to make budget transfers to balance all accounts for FY 17-18
    • Receive for action a recommendation regarding plans for a Lobbyist for the 2019 General Assembly Session
    • Receive for action the Human Resources Actions
    • Receive for action School Board Travel/District Activity requests