#RVACouncil 4.23.2018


WOW! There is a lot on the agenda tomorrow so make sure you eat before you come. I am going to break this down into two sections: things you might want to speak about and things that make you go HMMMM. 

Things You Might Want to Speak About

  • Mayor Stoney's Budget: Tomorrow night is public hearing on Mayor Stoney's proposed budget. This is your chance to speak up about any funding decisions you agree or disagree with in his proposal before Council finalizes their amendments. You can access his proposed budget here and then listen his perspective on the budget during our Municipal Mania interview. Support Our Schools has a Facebook event encouraging advocacy for additional school funding. They even included talking points for people who want to speak. 
    • PUBLIC BUDGET HEARING SIGN UP!!!! This is OPTIONAL but if you would like to be in the group that gets called first to speak on the budget, contact the Office of the City Clerk at 804-646-7955 and press option 3 to sign up. 
  • Cigarette Tax: Tomorrow is the vote on the $0.80 cigarette tax during regular agenda. Remember, this is JUST a tax on cigarettes, not on all tobacco products. If you want to catch up, you can listen to our interview with 5th District Councilman Parker Agelasto on Municipal Mania where we talk about the Cigarette Tax or read his guest column about the Cigarette Tax. Richmond Forward put together an explainer and update about the cigarette tax as well. While we do discuss the anti-cigarette tax points in Municipal Mania, most of these links are to advocates in favor of the cigarette tax. At this point, I have not received documents/links to local people fighting the tax. 
  • Stone Brewing: Stone Brewing has a couple of Ordinances on the regular agenda up for a vote that are related to their desire to demolish the Intermediate Terminal Building so they can construct a bistro. 

Things That Make You go HMMM...

  • Reappointment of RRHA Board Member: The reappointment of board member, Heidi Abbott, is up for a vote tomorrow as part of the appointments/reappointments document. I know nothing about Ms. Abbott; however, with all of the ongoing issues with RRHA, should RVA Council be rubber stamping an appointment to that board? There were two other people (Shonda Harris-Muhammed and Sarah Pederson) who applied; however, in the Land Use, Housing and Transportation committee meeting, 4th District Councilwoman Kirsten Larson motioned to recommend Abbott's application for approval. 2nd District Councilwoman Kim Gray seconded the motion and then a vote was taken without a discussion or reason given for why Abbott in favor of the other two candidates. In addition, this is the only appointment tomorrow whose new term doesn't start in April. It starts in June. Why is this being voted on 2 months early? I am not bringing this up to say that Heidi SHOULDN'T be appointed... but I think there should be some public discussion and transparency if Council is reappointing a member of the RRHA board. 
  • Conveyance of land to RRHA for construction of athletic/multipurpose facility for Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School: First of all, shout out to Leaders of the New South for pointing this out  so we could read and then tweet about it because it is kind of buried in the consent agenda. Basically, there are some properties adjacent to Creighton Court and there are several ordinances that would sell the properties to RRHA to ultimately be conveyed to Anna Julia Cooper Episcopal School for an athletic facility and community center. I am not necessarily saying this is a bad thing, but I have a lot of questions about it. It seems that there should be more public transparency/information about how the City decided to purchase properties and convey them to RRHA for a private school to develop facilities versus how it is slipped into consent agenda. The school offers full tuition scholarships to students but it is still not a public school so will there be a partnership with RPS for students to due the athletic facilities? I have heard the community center is open for the community but what community? If Creighton Court is going to be demolished and replaced with multi-income housing, then who is going to receive the benefit of this facility? 


4PM: Informal City Council

6PM: Formal City Council

CIty Hall, 900 E Broad Street, 2nd Floor, Council Chambers

Antenna Ch. 57, Cable Ch. 24

City Council Agenda

City Council Live Stream

City Council Meeting Attendance Tips

Appointments, Reappointments, and Awards

Appointments and Reappointments

  • Advisory Board of Recreation and Parks- James Hill
  • Social Services Advisory Board- Chelsea H. Wise
  • Board of Building Code Appeals, Plumbing and Mechanical Division- Anson Bell
  • Board of Directors of the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority- Miles M. Jones Jr
  • Clean City Commission- Nathan Tersteeg
  • Commission of Architectural Review- Ashleigh Brewer and Sanford Bond
  • Board of Commissioners of RRHA- Heidi Abbott
  • Slave Trail Commission- Elnora Allen, Rev. Paige Lanier Chargois, Heywood Harrison, Dr. Bryan Clark Green, Christopher Rashad Green, Shonda M. Harris Muhammed, Sgt Stacy J. Henry, Alfred Powell Jr, Colin Rafferty, Sylvia C. Wood
  • Urban Design Committee- Andrew Gould, James Klaus


Formal Awards Ceremony

  • Richmond Police Department Richmond Third Police Precinct
  • Richmond Child Abuse Prevention Month

Citizen Comment Period

  • Jesse Faison- Concerns regarding the use of electronic devices to obstruct others
  • Marie Morton Hart- City-owned trees ruining sewer lines
  • Dick Graham- Parking and construction on Shockoe Bottom roadways
  • Earl Bradley- Qualifications to consider during recruitment of a new CEO for RRHA

Consent Agenda

  • ORD 2018-113: Rezone 1 East Cary Street from B3 General Business District to B5 Central Business District
    • 1 E. Cary was most recently used as office space and this would allow for it to be mixed-use development
  • ORD 2018-114: Authorize special use of 1303 and 1305 N. 29th Street for no more than 2 single-family dwellings
  • ORD 2018-115: Right of Way Agreement with VDOT for temporary access to portions of Little John Park for improvements to I-95
  • ORD 2018-116: New polling places and precinct boundaries within 1st Council District
    • Splits ½ of precinct 101 into a new precinct 115 and reassigns voters along boundary between existing precinct 102 and new precinct 115 to impact 4,723 registered voters who will receive a mailing costing $4,800
    • Precinct 101 would change from Saint James Armenian Church to Jepson Alumni Center at U of R
    • Precinct 102 would change from the Fire Engine House to St. Giles Church
    • Precinct 115 is created and will have polling at Fire Engine House
  • ORD 2018-117: Authorize acquisition from Commonwealth Department of General Services of a non-exclusive easement at intersection of East Franklin Street and North 15th Street for public purpose of providing location of a traffic signal
  • ORD 2018-118: Declare sale of 2822 Purcell Street to RRHA for $11,310.39
  • ORD 2018-119: Declare sale of 2820 Purcell Street to RRHA for $11,455.00
  • ORD 2018-120: Declare sale of 2807 Newbourne Street to RRHA for $17,009.89
  • ORD 2018-121: Declare sale of 2112 North 29th Street to RRHA for $20,476.63
  • ORD 2018-122: Declare sale of 2110 North 29th Street to RRHA for $21,869.60
  • ORD 2018-123: Declare sale of 2106 North 29th Street to RRHA for $30,434.10
  • ORD 2018-124: Declare sale of 2100 North 29th Street to RRHA for $10,461.81
  • ORD 2018-125: Declare sale of 2000 North 29th Street to RRHA for $22,250.16
  • RES 2018-R029: Request Mayor to secure from GRTC certain City-contributed funds projected to be unexpended for the operating cost of Broad Street Bus Rapid Transit project and introduce a fund for assistance programs for businesses in areas adversely affected by PULSE construction
  • RES 2018-R031: Approve $3,710.92 from 1st District Funds for office space, Constant Contact, and website hosting.
  • RES 2018-R032: Approve $1,178 from 8th District Funds for rental trucks and fuel to deliver Christmas food boxes to 300 households and other associated holiday event costs (e.g. toys for kids, sound system, volunteer meals, etc)
  • RES 2018-R033: Express Council’s support for oversight of the design and construction of public schools in the city of Richmond by School Board of the City of Richmond and request that School Board prepare and submit to Council, Mayor, and CAO a construction plan for the design of facilities

Regular Agenda

  • ORD 2018-031: Impose an $0.80 tax on cigarettes for capital maintenance, repair, and improvements of public school facilities
  • ORD 2018-101 and ORD 2018-126: Authorize CAO to execute a First Amendment to Stone Brewery Corporation Agreement to revise the definition of Phase 2 Facility to allow for demolition of existing structure and construction of new building
  • RES 2018-R034: Rezoning of certain properties in West Cary Street Area from B3 General Business District to the UB2 Urban Business District and B6 Mixed Use Business District


  • ORD 2018-030 continued to June 25th
    • Amendment of City Code to align departmental service delivery goals with City’s strategic plan
  • ORD 2018-044 continued to May 14th
    • Amendment of City Code to establish a Human Rights Commission
  • RES 2017-R086 continued to May 29th
    • Request CAO to establish and implement a policy and methodology requiring any residential development agreement involving the City as a party or for City financial incentives to mandate a minimum percentage of new residential development’s total units be designated as affordable housing
  • RES 2018-R024- continued to May 29th
    • Amend zoning ordinance to reduce or eliminate requirement for off-street parking spaces for business zoning districts within Richmond City