#RVACouncil 2.26.18


A lot of consent and continuing will be done at #RVACouncil on Monday. Most exciting item on the consent agenda is the Maggie Walker Land Trust will finally be set up and ready for action. In addition, there are two properties they will approve to be acquired and sold to the Land Trust. Regular agenda will likely prove to be an opportunity for some tension and maybe even contention as it is a discussion around the debt financing for the Redskins Training Camp. Brace yourself and see you Monday! 


4PM: Informal City Council

6PM: Formal City Council

CIty Hall, 900 E Broad Street, 2nd Floor, Council Chambers

Antenna Ch. 57, Cable Ch. 24

City Council Agenda

City Council Live Stream

City Council Meeting Attendance Tips

Board Appointments and Reappointments

  • Economic Development Authority- Nathan Hughes
  • Safe and Healthy Streets Commission- Kathryn Benedict and Michael Todd
  • Slave Trail Commission- Elnora Allen, Rev. Dr. Paige Lanier Chargios, Heywood Harrison, Dr. Bryan Clark Green, Christopher Rashad Green, Shonda Harris-Muhammed, Sgt. Stacy Henry, Alfred Powell Jr., Colin Rafferty and Sylvia Wood

Awards and Recognition

  • Firefighter Joe Mary is retiring and will be recognized for his 30 years of service with Richmond Department of Fire and Emergency Services 
  • Members of Fighting More than Fire will be recognized for their work in our community
  • RFD Foundation Metro Richmond Flying Squat will be recognized for its work on behalf of Richmond's emergency first responders and our community

Citizen Comment

  • John Richmond- Need for More Bicycle Lanes
  • Ann Worthom- Living in Richmond
  • William Shuman- COLA Increase for the Richmond Retirement System
  • Wayne Dawson- COLA Increase for the Richmond Retirement System
  • Lillie Estes- Council's Lack of Vision for Real  Community Oversight
  • Larry Glidewell- COLA Increase for the Richmond Retirement System

Consent Agenda

  • ORD 2017-196: Designate the Maggie Walker Community Land Trust as a land bank entity and authorize the CAO to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement
  • ORD 2018-018 and ORD 2018-019: Continue the City of Richmond Employee Trip Reduction program funding through Virginia Dept. of Rail and Public Transportation
  • ORD 2018-020:  To close a portion of Perry Street between W 24th and W 22nd
  • ORD 2018-021: Authorize a Special Use Permit of 1121 N. 25th St for 1st floor commercial and up to 2 dwelling units on the 2nd floor
  • ORD 2018-024: Authorize CAO to acquire at tax delinquent judicial sale 1315 N. 27th St and convey the property for $2,136 to Better Housing Coalition
  • ORD 2018-025: Amend City Code concerning Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area designation criteria to incorporate stream determination requirements and provide for an enforcement mechanism for the septic pumping requirement
  • ORD 2018-027: Amend City Code to state that bulk items and tree and shrubbery trimmings placed for collection by the City do not constitute unlawful accumulation and to provide for the regular collection of bulk items and tree and shrubbery trimmings.
  • ORD 2018-028: Authorize CAO to accept $202,500 from The Community Foundation to create a new special fund called the Mayor's Advisor for Youth Initiatives for the purpose of providing the Mayor's Office with a temporary full-time advisor for youth initiaitves
  • ORD 2018-029:  Authorize CAO to accept $2.7M from HUD's Office of Lead Hazard Control for a Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Program
  • ORD 2018-032: Authorize CAO to acquire, at tax delinquent judicial sale, 2922 P Street and convey to The Maggie Walker Community Land Trust for $2,399
  • ORD 2018-033: Authorize CAO to acquire, at tax delinquent judicial sale, 2615 Q Street and convey to The Maggie Walker Community Land Trust for $2,152
  • ORD 2018-034: Authorize acquisition of certain interests in portions of 2801 and 2911 Hathaway Road for the construction of multimodal transportation and drainage improvements
  • ORD 2018-035: Authorize CAO to execute a license agreement with Monroe Park Conservancy to facilitate completion of certain improvements
  • ORD 2018-036: Designate 2700 E. Grace Street in honor of Oliver R.H. Singleton
  • ORD 2018-037: Re-appropriate $2M from FY 2016-2017 fund balance to the General Fund Cash Transfer for Capital Projects Program for the purpose of road and sidewalk improvements and sidewalk projects
  • ORD 2018-038: Revise reporting deadlines for Ethics Reform Task Force
  • RES 2018-R010: Direct City Attorney to prepare necessary documents to place Crooked Branch Ravine Park under protection of a conservation easement
  • RES 2018-R012: Adopt the Handbook of Procedures for Review and Adoption of the 2019/2020 Budget by Richmond City Council
  • RES 2018-R013: Approve $1,000 from Council District Funds for 7th District to pay Ladies Who Lead, LLC for digital dissemination of 7th District announcements and information through certain social media from 9/2017-12/2017
  • RES 2018-R014: Approve $2,700 from Council District Funds for 9th District to pay Marion Marketing Global, LLC for the printing and mailing of postcards to 9th District residents
  • RES 2018-R015: Approve $3,200 from Council District Funds for 5th District to pay Marion Marketing Global, LLC for printing and mailing of postcards to 5th District residents
  • RES 2018-R016: Authorize CAO to submit application to VA Dept. of Housing and Community Development Indistrial Revitalization Fund on behalf of CARITAS for a grant of $600K to rehab and adaptive use of ~120K sq ft of 2301 Everett Street
  • RES 2018-R017: Set rate of personal property tax relief for qualifying vehicles for the 2018 tax year 

Regular Agenda

  • RES 2017-R096: authorize issuance of General Obligation Refunding Bonds not to exceed $8.6M to refund the remaining debt outstanding on Series 2013C Variable Rate General Obligation Bonds which was originally taken to finance the Redskins Training Camp


  • ORD 2017-236: continued to March 26, 2018
    • Amend city code to require the CAO to develop a 10-year citywide infrastructure maintenance plan to identify, fund, and complete city infrastructure maintenance projects
  • ORD 2017-242continued to March 12, 2018
    • Change the Shops at Stratford Hills Community Unit Plan to increase the area by 3.4 acres and modifying the development standard
  • ORD 2018-022: continued to March 12, 2018
    • Authorize the special use of 8 and 10 East Main Street for conversion and use of the ground floor and existing buildings for dwelling purposes and allow the properties to be used for short term rental
  • ORD 2018-023: continued to March 12, 2018
    • Authorize the special use of 806 Cathedral Place to permit up to 5 rooms  for short term rental
  • ORD 2018-030: continued to March 26, 2018
    • Align the service delivery goals of each City department, agency, and office with the City's overall strategic plan
  • RES 2017-R079continued to March 26, 2018
    • Require formal City Council meeting to be held on 4th Monday of the month of October
  • RES 2017-R086continued to March 26, 2018
    • Request CAO establish and implement a policy and methodology to require that any residential development agreement involving the City or City financial incentives require a minimum percentage of total units to be designated as affordable housing
  • RES 2017-R089continued to March 26, 2018
    • Request Mayor to petition VDOT to provide financial assistance to business impacted by the Broad Street Bus Rapid Transit Project construction
      • RES 2017-R092: continued to March 26, 2018
    • Establish a policy that Council will appoint a current retiree to the Board of Trustees of Richmond Retirement System
      • RES 2018-R093: continued to March 12, 2018
    • Express Council's support for making improvements/repairs to streets, sidewalks, and alleys a priority 
  • RES 2018-R018: continued to March 26, 2018
    • Request the CAO to provide a monthly report of certain data relevant to electronic citizen requests for services for the purpose of monitoring City responsiveness 
  • RES 2018-R019continued to March 26, 2018
    • Request CAO to develop a policy and methodology to implement performance budgeting for all departments, boards, commissions, and agencies for purpose of using performance indicator data to allocate resources
  • ORD 2018-026: continued to March 12, 2018
    • Construction, maintenance, and operation of electrical power transmission and distribution lines at 3901 Douglasdale Road
  • ORD 2018-031: continued to March 26, 2018
    • Cigarette Tax