#RVACouncil 2.12.18

AGENDA for #RVACouncil Formal Meeting 2.12.2018

3 Citizen Comment speakers have signed up, including alien enthusiast L. Shirley Harvey, wanting to give her own State of the City address. I'm sure we'll all feel #blessed by the knowledge she bestows upon us. 

Consent Agenda is basically a bunch of SUPs. All the good stuff, like the Maggie Walker Land Trust Ordinance, has been continued. 

The only Regular Agenda item is the Meals Tax ordinance. You know, the one that caused Reva Trammell to accuse some of her colleagues of accepting "promises" from the Mayor? The one that Reva now seems to support. Along with Addsion (another flipped position), Jones, Robertson, Newbille, and Hilbert. Yeah. Seems like it will pass for now, but who knows? 

Drama Llama.jpg

Hopefully, we will see you there!

City Hall, 900 E Broad Street, 2nd Floor.  FREE PARKING between 8th - 9th and Clay and Leigh. Entrances on 8th and Clay.

If you can't make it -                                                                                                                      TV - Ch. 57 anntenna, Ch. 24 Cable                                                                                             Live stream http://www.richmondgov.com/CityCouncil/FormalMeetingVideos.aspx