01.08.2018 Richmond City Council Meeting Agenda

If you think you can stomach anywhere from 4 to INFINITY hours of a municipal government meeting, please begin your Council Monday at the...

4pm Informal Meeting, wherein we shall receive a riveting (read: incredibly boring but necessary and informative) presentation on the Richmond Retirement System, given by Leo Griffin, Richmond Retirement System Executive Director. Agenda

But if 2 to INFINITY hours is more your style, catch up with your favorite Councilcritters at the 6pm-ish Formal Meeting of your Richmond City Council!  Agenda

Currently there no speakers on the public comment list, but citizens have until noon Monday to get their name on the roster. 

Agenda Items of Note:


ORD. 2017-196 To designate The Maggie Walker Community Land Trust as a land bank entity for the purpose of assisting the City in addressing vacant, abandoned, and tax delinquent properties and to authorize the Chief Administrative Officer to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement setting the terms and conditions of such designation. AKA A Paper Melissa is Very Stoked On  Ordinance Legalese

ORD. 2017-234 To authorize the Chief Administrative Officer, for and on behalf of the City of Richmond, to execute the City of Richmond 2017-2018 Continuum of Care Contract in the amount of $707,406.00 for the Richmond Shelter Plus Care program between the City of Richmond and Virginia Supportive Housing for the purpose of completing necessary projects and services for homelessness assistance. Ordinance Legalese

ORD. 2017-232 To authorize the special use of the property known as 2318 Grove Avenue for the purpose of a day nursery for up to 30 children, upon certain terms and conditions. Ordinance Legalese  -- THIS IS AWAITING AMENDMENT AND CONTINUED TO 1/22/2018 -- Fan District childcare institution Ms. Babs' Nursery School wants to expand to the house across the street to accommodate more little RVA tykes. Despite opposition from the Fan District Association and Councilwoman Kim Gray, the Planning Commission recommends that Council give the go-ahead to this special use permit.


Your Paper of Perpetual Continuance is here again:  

ORD. 2016-140 To amend ch. 12, art. II of the City Code by adding therein a new section 12-37, concerning the disposition of certain revenues from real estate taxes, for the purpose of funding the operation of public schools in the city. -- Introduced on 04/26/2016 by now former Councilman and current Senior Policy Adviser for Innovation, Jonathan Baliles, continued YET AGAIN to the 01/22/2018 meeting, where it will most assuredly continue to languish. 

...Aaaaand ummmm... I got nothin'.  There's nothing else here. It's all continued. Shocker. Welcome to #rvacouncil2018