9.18.2017 RPS Board Meeting

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RPS Board meets tomorrow in Council Chambers starting at 6PM. The agenda is detailed below but here are some highlights to check out: 

  • Back log of minutes from seven meetings will be approved
  • A report on the #SuperSearch will be received. I included a link to the online Superintendent vacancy posting. On this website, there is a link to a document with the Superintendent characteristics being sought. Normally, I rename files when I download government documents; however, I noticed the document title is "2008-Richmond-search-characteristics-sought" so I left it alone. 
  • There will be an update on school accreditation which was released in mid-September. Links to various VDOE accreditation documents are linked below. 
  • The process to fill the 7th District Vacancy will be discussed and voted on
  • There is an RPS Board Q4 2017 goals document on the docket for approval. Included in the Q4 goals are to recruit/retain/support quality faculty/staff/admin, faculty/staff technology literacy, implement facilities and academic plan, determine use of Altria building, align people/resources for equity, ensure safe school climates. 
  • If you are like me, you probably have wondered "is this normal?" more than once about city government at all levels. Tomorrow night, there is a revised RPS Board governance norms document up for approval. I don't see notes on what was specifically changed; however, here are some highlights that provide a good refresher on how the board should work: 
    • Board members will not respond to community complaints at board meetings. Follow up letters will be sent to speakers. 
    • Complaints outside of board meetings will be handled according to policy. Community complaint policy is 4-3.6 (found on page 19) and staff communication policy is 7-1.3 & 7.4.2 (found on pages 11 and 53
    • Board members should communicate but be aware of FOIA rules


Date: September 18th

Time: 6:00PM

Location: City Hall, 900 E. Broad Street, Council Chambers 2nd Floor

RVA Council Meeting Tips are good for RPS Board too! 


  1. Roll Call
  2. Pledge of Allegiance/Moment of Silence
  3. Adopt Agenda
  4. Approve minutes from meetings on June 26, July 12, July 17, July 31, August 7, August 21, and September 5
  5. Receive a presentation from Richmond Fire Department
  6. Public Information
  7. Receive a report on Superintendent from Hazard, Attea, Young and Associates
    1. SuperSearch posting characteristics sought document
  8. Discuss process for filling 7th District Vacancy
  9. Discuss formation of Ad Hoc Committees for Funding and Culture and Climate
  10. Receive an update on school accreditation
    1. Richmond City Schools Accreditation Excel Doc
    2. Richmond City Schools Quality Profile
    3. Richmond Times Dispatch Article- Accreditation
  11. Receive recommendation of Donald T. Cowles for Richmond Public Schools Education Foundation Board of Trustees
  12. Receive for action a Resolution regarding a petition for a special election to fill the 7th District Vacancy
  13. Affirm the goals, vision, and mission of Richmond City School Board
    1. RPS Vision and Mission
    2. RPS Goals for Q4 2017
    3. Governance Norms
  14. Receive for Action a Resolution to approve Funding and Culture and Climate Ad Hoc Committees
  15. Receive for action the Human Resources Actions
  16. Receive for action the School Board travel and district activity requests
  17. Introduction of new business