9.11.2017 RVACouncil Meeting

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As the first council meeting after the August break, this could prove to be a lengthy meeting despite a light regular agenda. There is not much that would draw a crowd to speak in support of or against legislation; however, there are already 8 speakers signed up for citizen comment. In addition, there are FIVE people/groups/causes on the docket for Awards and Recognition. Below are some of the most interesting part of each section as a summary followed by a list of all the different legislation on the agenda. 


Previous reports indicated 9th District Councilman Michael Jones was introducing legislation on 9/11 to take down the monuments on Monument Avenue. We followed up with Councilman Jones on the pending legislation. According to an email from Jones on 9/5, he indicated the legislation will be introduced at the 9/25 meeting as he "wanted to make sure that our legal dept had ample opportunity to review." This means on 9/25, the clerk will "introduce" (aka quickly read) the legislation at the very end of the meeting. There is not public comment or discussion of the legislation; however, Richmond residents are able to sign up in advance to speak at RVA Council for any reason. Residents interested in speaking at citizen comment must contact the Office of the City Clerk no later than 12PM on the date of the meeting. 


There are 8 speakers signed up on a random assortment of items. One individual will be speaking on retaining the monuments. 


Of note, ORD 2017-132 for the redevelopment of the former Quality Inn at 3200 West Broad St by Better Housing Coalition is continued to Monday September 25th; however, the resolution is labeled on the agenda as "awaiting withdrawal per applicant's request." This development project was hotly contested at the July RVA Council meeting as a lawsuit alleged BHC stole the idea for the apartment complex. Eventually RVA Council decided to delay their decision for the requested special use permit. In early August, BHC Was reported as denying the allegations and seeking a speedy trial. Also, apparently that light up canopy Exxon sign has been continued.... again. 


There is a proposed conditional use permit to allow Kabana Rooftop at 700 E.Main St which will allow them to operate after midnight with proposed hours of Thursday-Saturday 12AM-2AM. There are two proposed SUPs to allow buildings to exceed height restrictions. One proposal includes vacant land and a vacant building at 2411 M St and 2416 Jefferson Ave to allow a 3 story mixed-use building with roof-top enclised amenity space and terraces. The first floor would include commercial uses and the 2nd and 3rd floors consist of 27 dwelling units. The second proposal is to authorize 512 Hull St to allow a 12 story zoning with 188 apartment units to be built in an area that only allows 5 floors of height. 


Unless you have been hiding, you are probably aware the Richmond City Auditor, Umesh Dalal resigned in the midst of allegations of bullying in July. A couple weeks ago, council delayed appointing an interim auditor as there were not enough votes to consider the matter on an expedited agenda. The candidate for interim auditor is Amarilis M. Hernandez who has worked for Richmond City for 16 years and is the current deputy city auditor. 8th District Councilwoman Reva Trammel did not want to appoint someone currently in the office and Councilman Jones felt they needed a plan before discussing a candidate. The appointment of Hernandez will be on the regular agenda. 


4pm - Informal Meeting

6pm - Formal Meeting

CIty Hall, 900 E Broad Street, 2nd Floor, Council Chambers

Antenna Ch. 57, Cable Ch. 24

City Council Agenda

City Council Live Stream

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  • Economic Development Authority: John Molster
  • Community Criminal Justice Board: Michael Herring, Tracy Praner, Fionnuala Bradley, Stacci Wert
  • Richmond Ambulance Authority: Matthew Conrad, Terone Green, Elizabeth Matish, Jeffrey Odell
  • Richmond Retirement System: Elizabeth Cabell Jennings, David Naoroz
  • Sister Cities Commission: Emily Yeatts
  • Advisory Task Force for the Economic Revitalization of South Richmond: Tyler Craddock, Catina Wright


  • Davion Washington for her accomplishments
  • Richmond Active Aging Week is the last full week of September
  • 2017 Richmond East End Community Day: Stop the Violence Planning Committee for their work in producing the event. 
  • Mrs. Mary Thompson for her role as chair of the 2017 East End 7th District National Night Out Committee. 
  • Richmond Kinship Care Month is September to celebrate those providing kinship care for kids. 


  • Elie Elis to update council on Bongo Drum Project.
  • Pixie Curry on overgrowth on street.
  • Richard Walker on the crime rate. 
  • Arnold Bradsher on the need for 4-way stop signs in Scotts Addition. 
  • Princess Ann Thomas-Smithon issues related to rental housing in city neighborhoods.
  • Glenwood Burley to update and brief on the horse stable project. 
  • James Haymes Jr on retaining the statues. 
  • Earl Bradley on support for the city's Education Compact. 


  • ORD 2017-132continued to September 25th (awaiting withdrawal per applicant's request)
    • Authorize BHC to convert the Quality Inn on 3200 West Broad to condos and commercial space. 
  • ORD 2017-143- continued to October 9t
    • Amend city code so no citizen members of a board or commission may be eligible for reappointment after eight years of continuous service until at least one year has passed
  • ORD 2017-146continued to October 9th
    • pdate to city code's open data policy to establish a new open data and transparency program to govern the future use of the City's open data portal
  • ORD 2017-151- continued to September 25th
    • Amend official zoning map to rezone properties along West Broad Street and Cutshaw Avenue between North Boulevard and I-195 to conform their zoning to their proposed future land use set forth in Pulse Corridor Plan.
  • ORD 2017-129- continued to September 25th
    • Authorize 1704 Arlington Road for an illuminated canopy.
  • RES2016-R016- continued to October 9th
    • Establish a policy of council to not appoint a person to the Board of Commissioners of RRHA for more than 2 consecutive full terms


  • ORD 2017-140- Authorize CAO to accept $5,000 from Share Our Strength to fund number of meals served to children in low income areas through the City's Summer Food Service Program
  • ORD 2017-141- Authorize CAO to accept $14,000 from RRHA for purpose of funding the Affordable Housing Trust
  • ORD 2017-142- Authorize CAO to accept $465,890 from JMU to purchase new heavy duty trucks with engines fueled by compressed natural gas
  • ORD 2017- 147- Establish an Ethics Review Task Force to provide recommendations concerning ethical standards applicable to local government in the city.
  • ORD 2017-149- Amend city code to conform sign regulations in zoning ordinance to controlling legal authority as decided by Supreme Court of USA.
  • ORD 2017-150- Amend City code regarding B-7 Mixed-Use Business district to establish a new Transit-Oriented Nodal District to impose requirements for priority streets.
  • ORD 2017-152- Rezone a portion of 1900 Venable Street from multifamily residential district to central business district.
  • ORD 2017-153- Authorize use of 700 East Main for a nightclub.
  • ORD 2017-154- Authorize special use of 2411 M Street and 2416 Jefferson Avenue to allow building to exceed height restrictions.
  • ORD 2017-155- Authorize special use of 512 Hull Street to allow building to exceed height restrictions
  • ORD 2017-156- Allow expansion of the special use of 5430 Patterson Ave to grant a 1,000 sq ft addition.
  • RES 2017-R053- Amend process for selecting members to serve on the Personnel Board.


  • RES 2017-R055- Appoint Amarilis M. Hernandez as Interim City Auditor