8.21.2017 RVACouncil - RPSBoard Joint Meeting



5PM- Joint Meeting of City Council and School Board

6PM- RPS Board Regular Meeting

Martin Luther King Jr Middle School

Multi Purpose Room

1000 Mosby Street

Richmond, VA

City Council Agenda

City Council Live Stream

City Council Meeting Attendance Tips



The first part of this meeting is for RVA Council and RPS Board to discuss and vote on the education compact. 

Education Compact Letter from Stoney to RVA Council and RPS Board

Education Compact- City Council Resolution

Education Compact- School Board Resolution



  • . Recognition of Kevin Snead
    • There are no details on the agenda, but I am going to guess this is Kevin Snead, George Wythe alum, who was signed to the NY Giants. 
  • Public Comment
  • Receive graduation rates and SOL Scores
  • Receive an update on George Mason Elementary
  • Receive for action
  • Approval of ad-hoc committee for potential uses of donated property
  • Oak Grove Elementary School Quitclaim deed 
    • It was recently reported Oak Grove Elementary has been sitting abandoned due to an error of the previous school board. School property is owned by the city, so in my opinion there is plenty of blame to go around between council and school board. This quitclaim is the next step in declaring the building as surplus. 
  • Human Resources update 
  • Receive for action board travel and district activity requests
  • Receive an update on the Memorandum of Understanding
    • The MOU is the agreement between Virginia Department of Education and RPS for corrective action. For backstory, I originally wrote about concerns I had with the MOU and compared it to other districts. Then School Board and VDOE negotiated the language and content. 
  • Introduce new business