RPSBoard July 17th Meeting


The Education Compact is NOT on the agenda for July 17th; however, the Memorandum of Understanding WILL be discussed. In addition there is going to be facilities discussion. Allegedly this meeting will be over by 9:40PM but I have my doubts. I have included the agenda here as well as a typed up version below; however, unlike RVA Council.. there is very little information to read in advance of RPS Board meetings. 

If you have never been to an RPS Board meeting, you probably will want to know their snack policy is a little more lax than RVA Council. Don't roll up in there with your four course meal from Lee's Chicken... but if you have a bottle of water you won't be excommunicated. Also, the room is really oddly set up and the audio is not great if you sit in the back. I recommend getting their early to be front and center. 

Attending #RPSBoard

6PM: Formal Meeting

City Hall, 900 E. Broad Street, 17th Floor

RPS Board Agenda

RVA Council Meeting Tips are good for RPS Board too! 


1. Opening: this includes roll call, the Pledge of Allegiance, adoption of the agenda, and approving minutes from June 5th

2. Public Information : Public comment period! Each citizen speaker is allotted up to 3 minutes and organization speakers are allotted up to 5 minutes. The rules for RPS Board specify that public comment is no more than 30 minutes.

3. Academic Improvement Items: 30 minutes of discussion on the MOU, 30 minutes for a disciplinary report, 30 minutes to receive exit interview and current vacancy data, and 15 minutes to receive 2017 General Assembly summary and proposed policy revisions

4. Budgetary Items: receive quarterly financials for Patrick Henry School of Science & Arts, financial statement for month end May 2017, discuss impact of eliminating Internal Audit Department, discuss next steps in 2017-2018 budget planning process

5. Board Action Items: Receive for action recommendations to the RPS Education Foundation Board of Trustees, receive for action a Delegate and Alternative Delegate to VSBA, receive SB travel and district activity requests

6. Other Informational Items: Receive update on gathering of facilities data

7. New Business

8. Closed Session