Support Our Schools proposes changes to Education Compact

Support Our Schools submitted proposed changes to the Education Compact. Below is their email to Council and School Board: 


To the members of Richmond’s School Board and City Council,


Advocates of public education have expressed concerns regarding the timing and structure of the Education Compact. There is a perfect storm of events taking place at both the federal and local levels of education. That, paired with a lack of community understanding of this long-lasting initiative, gives us pause.


Support Our Schools values the collaborative intent of the compact and its goals for addressing the whole child through the establishment of a Children’s Cabinet. That said, there are changes to the compact we feel are imperative to address in the final version that we have noted below.  Additionally, we urge the Mayor’s office to hold a community meeting where the public will be allowed to discuss the revised draft of the Education Compact prior to being voted on by School Board or City Council.


Thank you,

Keri Treadway


Changes to the Education Compact


  • A commitment to maintaining the democratic balance of power held by the school board, mayor’s office, city council, RPS administration and business leaders

  • All meetings should be public, live streamed, posted online and translated

  • More teacher representation, and allow teachers to collectively identify teachers who will act as representatives

  • More parent representation, and allow parents to collectively identify parents who will act as representatives

  • Clear checks and balances to protect against possible conflicts of interests with non-profit and business leader members

  • Stated terms for all members of the compact team

  • Explicit stance against privatization tactics including:

  • Over-reliance on testing and short term metrics to measure progress

  • Charter schools and charter-like academies managed by organizations outside of Richmond

  • Technology contracts sold as “personalized learning”

  • School voucher programs

  • An opportunity for the new superintendent to provide input on the compact structure, and a straightforward process to making amendments or sunsetting the compact thereafter