City Council 3.13.17

Light meeting tomorrow folks. Nothing is on the regular agenda and there are two continuances. Even consent agenda is light. That said, check out the citizen speaker list because that should prove to be fire. 

Citizen Comment Period

Robert McCracken- Seeking guidance for processing a SUP approved by Council in April 2016

Earl Bradley- Support for Richmond NAACP Economic Development Standing Committee

L. Shirley Harvey- State of the City

Robley Jones (Chairman of RRHA Board of Commissioners)- Term limits for RRHA Board of Commissioners

Charles Woodson- Monroe Park tree replacement

Cora Dickerson- GRTC specialized transportation

Katherine Lawson- City of Richmond homicide rate reduction strategy

Deborah Ferguson- Utility bills


ORD 2017-029- (continued to March 27th and awaiting amendment) Authorize special use of a portion of the properties known as 1 South Plum St, 3 South Plum St, and 5 South Plum St for parking area upon certain terms and conditions

ORD 2016-270(continued to March 27th and awaiting amendment) Sale of properties on N. 6th St, E. Grace St., E. Franklin St., and N. 7th St. for $3,950,000 to City Center Development LLC

Consent Agenda

ORD 2015-245: Conditionally rezone 2801 East Main St from M-1 Light Industrial to B-5 Central Business District

ORD 2016-264: Residential permit parking district in Carver Neighborhood

ORD 2017-011: Close a portion of Spottswood Road from Shirley Lane to public use and travel for a park

ORD 2017-013: Authorize 1000 Westover Road (a portion of 1001 Spottswood Road) and a 20-foot public alley for office use and limited special events

ORD 2017-031: Authorize the CAO to acquire property at 1300 East Byrd Street from North Falls Acquisition, LLC for the purpose of public access, stairways, and walkways associated with Kanawha Canal

ORD 2017-032Authorize CAO to execute a Memorandum of Understanding with VCU for the purpose of providing access to and use of a portion of 1050 Oliver Hill Way by participants in the City's Conrad Culinary Training Program

Regular Agenda