11.6.2017 #RPSBoard Meeting

BONUS MEETING! At 5PM Richmond City Council will be in the 2nd floor of City Hall for a special meeting where they will consider an expedited resolution regarding creating an assigned fund balance reservation for the abatement of lead and replacement of water fountains in public schools. 

RPS Board will convene tonight at 6PM on the 17th floor of City Hall (900 E. Broad St). On the agenda is deliberation of the community candidates for the education compact followed by a public vote and facilities updates. Richmond Forward does a great breakdown on the meeting tonight and the importance of public participation when it comes to the facilities discussion. 

  • Approve minutes of 10/16/2017 meeting
  • Public Information
  • Discuss Legislative Package
  • Discuss process for appointing community members for the education compact
  • Discuss proposed revisions to bylaws
  • Receive reports from Board Members on external committee/board assignments
  • Receive the Gifted Education Plan
  • Receive an overview of a facilities plan
  • Receive the quarterly financial reports for Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts
  • Receive the financial statement for July through September
  • Receive for action HR actions
  • Receive for action School Board travel or district activity requests
  • Receive and affirm the 2016-2017 graduates and 2017 summer graduates
  • Receive an update on the Memorandum of Understanding with the VA BOE and CAP
  • Receive information on crowd control