11.13.2017 #RVACouncil


This could be a pretty low key council meeting but WOW I found a bunch of interesting stuff throughout including many riveting government documents. 


There are seven-ish weeks left in 2017 and we have TWO ordinances on the regular agenda. First up is ORD 2017-069 which would establish a competitive bid process for the sale of city-owned real estate prior to accepting an unsolicited purchase offer. Second is ORD 2017-172 which basically overrides the state roll back tax rate for real estate taxes of $1.17 to our usual $1.20. This one took a little bit of reading and listening to some committee audio. This is what I gathered.... The city is legally required to hold a public hearing (public comment) but if this ordinance doesn't pass, our budget would be short by ~$6M because the rollback tax rate, which is lower than our current tax rate, would become the accepted tax rate. 



There is a whole bunch of stuff on the consent agenda set to pass. A couple of exciting ones on the docket are the approval to execute project agreement for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd street buffered bike project, establishing an open data and transparency program, and designating the Maggie Walker Community Land Trust as a land bank. There are two towing ordinances on the agenda. One towing ordinance increases the amounts that can be charged as towing fees to make them congruent with amounts prescribed in the state code. The other towing ordinance modifies the contract with Seibert's towing to increase the maximum authorized contract amount from $140,000 to $1,050,000 to accommodate additional towing from leaf collection, street cleaning, and special events. There are also a few rezoning or special use permits in consent agenda including: rezoning on Bliley Road where 9 new homes are proposed to be built; rezoning of the Herrod Seed warehouse on Oliver Hill Way to convert and build multi-family dwellings; SUP for Black Hand Coffee on Brookland Park Boulevard; and an SUP for a VUU monument sign on North Lombardy. 



There are a few continuances of note and some newcomers to the scene that may prove to be interesting. Of course the resolution to ask the General Assembly to grant City Council the authority to remove a list of identified confederate monuments has been continued to December (at which point it will probably be continued to January). The ordinance to sell Chesterfield more water and built water capacity facilities at Lewis G. Larus Park is continued but it also has a note indicating it is awaiting withdrawal by patron. The so-called "Roanoke 40" ordinance was continued; however, there are new documents added from the October committee meeting. Before getting to the new documents, if you need to catch up, here is a document from a 2016 meeting that outlines a few funding formula ideas. In the October committee meeting, the committee heard a presentation (doc. 1, doc. 2, doc. 3) that did the math on what this formula would look like if it had been in place over the past few years.  The presentation also reviewed a comparison of school revenue sharing formulas of other localities (VA Beach City, Hampton City, Roanoke County, Roanoke City, Prince George Counties). The committee decided to continue this legislation for 60 days to the December committee meeting to give members time to review the documents provided. Two newer pieces of legislation would establish three grant commissions with guidelines of how to determine grant amounts in areas of Education; Health and Human Services; and Visual and Performing Arts. The paper proposed by Councilwoman Kirsten Larson is aimed at creating a formalized process by which grants are determined for non-governmental, non-profit organizations. Currently the process is during budget season, council spends a lot of time discussing small grant amounts for organizations who approach individual members or council as a whole. Under the proposal, the three commissions (Education, Health and Human Services, Visual and Performing Arts) would review grant applications from organizations and make recommendations to council for the budget. A second piece of legislation identifies a per capita amount for each grant type ($4.85 for education grants, $3.97 for health and human services grants, $1.50 for visual and performing arts). 


4pm - Informal Meeting

6pm - Formal Meeting

CIty Hall, 900 E Broad Street, 2nd Floor, Council Chambers

Antenna Ch. 57, Cable Ch. 24

City Council Agenda

City Council Live Stream

City Council Meeting Attendance Tips


o   Board of Directors of the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority- Malesia Taylor

o   Social Services Advisory Board- Ross Airington

o   Board of Building Code Appeals, General Division- William Steele III and Hwan Hill

o   Clean City Commission- Caroline Cardwell

o   Urban Design Committee- Andrea Quilici

o   Advisory Task Force for the Economic Revitalization of South Richmond- Mary Gresham

o   Capital Area Alcohol Safety Action Program Policy Advisory Board- J. Alexis Fisher-Rizk

o   Community Criminal Justice Board- Carolyn Zeppa

o   City Personnel Board- Larry N. Johnson, Sr.

o   Sister Cities Commission- William Egen and Hwan Hill


o   Selden Richardson on the State of the City


  • ORD 2016—264: continued to Monday December 11, 2017
    • Residential permit parking district in the Carver Neighborhood
  • ORD 2017-177: continued to Monday December 11, 2017
    • New turn around at Brookland Parkway, Brook Road, Sherwood Ave, I-95/64, and Robin Hood Road
  • ORD 2017-197: continued to Monday December 11, 2017
    • Establish an Education, Health, and Human Services Grant Commission, a Visual and Performing Arts Grant Commission, and related grant programs for nonprofit organizations to be administered by each commission
  • ORD 2017-203: continued to Monday December 11, 2017
    • Special use permit for 1302 Floyd Ave to make a multifamily dwelling with up to four dwelling units
  • ORD 2017-R076: continued to Monday December 11, 2017
    • establish per capita amounts to be used to determine budget appropriations for nonprofit organization grant programs (this is the funding piece of ORD 2017-197)
  • ORD 2017-R079- continued to Monday February 12, 2018
    • Require a city council meeting be held on the 4th Monday of the month of October
  • ORD 2016-140- continued to Monday January 8, 2018
    • School funding “Roanoke 40”
  • ORD 2017-087: continued to Monday December 11, 2017 and awaiting withdrawal by patron
    • Authorize CAO to execute a contract with Chesterfield for the sale of additional water to Chesterfield and the construction/operation/maintenance for new water capacity facilities at Lewis G. Larus Park
  • RES 2017-R075: continued to Monday December 11, 2017
    • Express to the General Assembly that City Council would like the authority to remove identified confederate monuments


  • ORD 2017-008: Authorize CAO to execute a standard project administration agreement with VDOT to fund 1st, 2nd, and 3rd street buffered bike lane project
  • ORD 2017-146: Establish a new open data and transparency program to govern future use of City’s open data portal
  • ORD 2017-179: Rezone 5720 Bliley Road from Single Family Residential District to Single Family Attached Residential District (building 9 homes)
  • ORD 2017-193: Rezone 904 Oliver Hill Way, 908 Oliver Hill Way, 1020 Oliver Hill Way from light and heavy industrial district to central business district. (Adapt Herrod Seed warehouse into multi-family use and build new multi-family dwellings on empty land)
  • https://richmondbizsense.com/2017/10/24/old-herod-seeds-warehouse-eyed-development/
  • ORD 2017-194: special use permit at 3138 Grayland Ave for two single family detached dwellings
  • ORD 2017-195: Special Use Permit for 15 E Brookland Park Boulevard (Black Hand Coffee) for a café with roasting/wholesale/distribution
  • ORD 2017-196: designate Maggie Walker Community Land Trust as a land bank
  • ORD 2017-198: change (increase) the amount that can be charged as towing fees to make them the same as the amounts in the state code
  • ORD 2017-199: Authorize CAO to execute a cooperation agreement with RRHA to facilitate the design, planning, engineering, and construction of infrastructure improvements to support a mixed income rental housing development at 1501 North 31st Street and 1611 North 31st Street
  • ORD 2017-200: Authorize CAO to execute the first Contract Modification between City and Manchester Marketing (Seibert’s towing) to increase the maximum authorized contract amount from $140,000 to $1,050,000 to accommodate additional towing from leaf collection, street cleaning, and special events
  • ORD 2017-201: Authorize CAO to execute a lease with federal government for 45 parking spaces at 501 North 7th Street
  • ORD 2017-202: Reduce speed limit on Grove Avenue between North Thompson Street and Matoaka Road from 35MPH to 30MPH and the speed limit on Grove Ave between Matoaka Road and Three Chopt Road will be 25MPH
  • ORD 2017-204: Authorize a special use permit at 1500 North Lombardy for the purpose of a freestanding sign (monument sign at VUU)
  • RES 2017-R074: Name 1907 Texas Ave as “Riverview Community Park”


  • ORD 2017-069: Establish a competitive bid process regarding the sale of city-owned real estate prior to accepting unsolicited purchase offers
  • ORD 2017-172: increasing the property tax rate from the Rolled Back Tax Rate of $1.17 to $1.20 effective 1/1/2018 (this overrides a tax roll back so our tax rate actually stays the same)