#RVACouncil Meeting 1.9.2017

by Jessee Perry

January 9th (tomorrow!) is the first official #RVACouncil meeting with the new council. It is a large consent agenda with numerous continuances. Below are the agenda items listed that have not been continued at this point. Only two items are on the regular agenda: the development across from the Carpenter Center and granting land in Maymont for electrical power and distribution lines. 


Important Links

City Council Agenda

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Citizen Comment Period Speakers List

Linda Jordan- 4th District- Speaking on Issues with GRTC

Hajji Shabazz- 9th District- Speaking on complaints regarding GRTC bus service for city's Southside


Consent Agenda

ORD 2016-236: Permit 1400 Roseneath Road for multifamily dwelling up to 364 units with B-6 permit

ORD 2016-300: Authorize CAO to execute Cooperation Agreement between City and RRHA for a mixed-income rental housing development at 1501 North 31st St and 1611 North 31st Street

ORD 2016-301: Authorize CAO to accept $15,000 from VA Dept of Emergency Management for Department of Fire and Emergency Services for community outreach and preparedness training activities

ORD 2016-302: Authorize CAO to accept ~$2,600 from VA Dept of Criminal Justice Services for Dept. of Justice Services for community corrections program. 

ORD 2016-303: Authorize CAO to accept ~$36K from U.S. DOJ for performance based bonus plan for Sheriff's Office personnel. 

ORD 2016-313: Permit 2220 Stockton St for multifamily dwelling with up to 40 dwelling units for use as a group home, shelter, addiction recovery program, and social service delivery.

ORD 2016-315: Permit 28081/2 East Leigh Street for single-family attached dwelling.

ORD 2016-316: Amend ORD 2016-016 which authorized special use of 105 E. Duval St, 701 North 1st St, and 708, 708A, 710, 712, 714, 718, 722, 724, 728, 730, 732, 736, and 744 North 2nd Street for up to 182 multifamily dwelling units, commercial uses, and off-street parking to authorize up to 194 multifamily dwelling units. 


Regular Agenda

ORD 2016-270: Sale of city-owned real estate at 101 North 6th Street, 603, 609, 611, 615, and 619 East Grace Street, 612 East Franklin Street, and 112, 114, 116 North 7th Street for $3.95M to City Center Development (This is the property by the Carpenter Center that was highly discussed last council meeting and ultimately continued. Ross Catrow breaks down some concerns with this development plan here)

ORD 2016-306: Provide for the granting by the City of Richmond the property in Maymont Park at 800 Swan Lake Drive for the electrical power transmission and distribution lines.