Transparency, accountability and commitment to constituents' needs. That's what most of the incoming #RVACouncil members promised during their campaigns for election and reelection. We have so many ways to connect with our elected officials these days, it seems kind of silly not to reach out when a concern arises. Most of our councilfolk have social media accounts. Send 'em a tweet or a Facebook message to let them know you're going to hold them to their campaign promises and annoy the hell outta them for the next 4 years! 

Contact info will be updated as soon as the newbies settle into their new offices and get assigned email addresses. It's safe to assume they will be firstname.lastname@richmondgov.com 

Andreas Addison, 1st District @andreasrva  @andreas_addison  Facebook  Andreas promised me he'd be best dressed on council. We might need to start a #RVACouncil #FashionWatch. 

Kim Gray, 2nd District @kimgray4rva  Facebook

With the addition of Kim and Kristen Larson in the 4th, #RVACouncil is now majority female. #SlayAllDay, Ladies!


Chris Hilbert, 3rd District @ChrisHilbert16 Facebook                                                              Office (804) 646-6055  chris.hilbert@richmondgov.com                                              Liaison: lisa.townes@richmondgov.com 


Kristen Larson, 4th District @kristenrva  Facebook

Parker Agelasto, 5th District @ParkerCAgelasto  Facebook                                        Office (804)646-6050 parker.agelasto@richmondgov.com Liaison: amy.robins@richmondgov.com (804) 646-5724 


Ellen Robertson, 6th District  @ellenrva  Facebook                                                       Office (804) 646-7964   ellen.robertson@richmondgov.com Liaison: kiya.stokes@richmondgov.com


Cynthia Newbille, 7th District @CynthiaNewbille Facebook                                                  Office (804) 646-3012 cynthia.newbille@richmondgov.com                                                  Liaison sam.patterson@richmondgov.com 

Reva Trammell, 8th District NOPE on the social media, but she gives out her phone numbers every Council meeting. Home (804) 233-7382 Cell (804) 240-5050            Office (804) 646-6591 reva.trammell@richmondgov.com                                            Liaison richard.bishop@richmondgov.com 

Mike Jones.jpg

Mike Jones, 9th District Facebook