We have so many ways to connect with our elected officials these days, it seems kind of silly not to reach out when a concern arises. Most of our School Board members have social media accounts. Send 'em a tweet or a Facebook message to let them know you're going to hold them to their campaign promises and annoy the hell outta them for the next 4 years! 

Contact info will be updated as soon as the newbies settle into their new offices and get assigned email addresses.

Liz Doerr, 1st District @liz4schoolboard Facebook


Scott Barlow, 2nd District @VoteBarlow2 Facebook

Jeff Bourne, 3rd District, Current Chairman @JeffMBourne Facebook (804) 908-4591 


Jonathan Young, 4th District Facebook 


Patrick Sapini, 5th District @PSapini  Facebook


Felicia Cosby, 6th District Facebook 


Nadine Marsh-Carter, 7th District Facebook  

Dawn Page, 8th District Facebook 

Linda Owen, 9th District Facebook