RVA Together Event- Wrap Up

by Jessee Perry

On December 15, 2016 we hosted an event in conjunction with RVA Politics and RVA Together to discuss what Richmond residents can do to improve the city. Our panelists included: 

  • Lorraine Wright- Social Justice and Human Rights Activist
  • Jon Baliles- City Council and Stoney Transition Team Member
  • Jeff Bourne- School Board Chair and Stoney Transition Team Member
  • Sean Smith- Local Activist, RPS Alum, Former School Board Candidate
  • Thad Williamson- UR Associate Professor and Director Stoney Transition Team

If you were not one of the 200 attendees, here is a perspective on the discussion from our moderator Richard Meagher and you can listen to the event recording (Thank you WRIR and OpenSource RVA!). 

The summary of the event: GET OUT THERE AND DO SOMETHING! To help provide some direction, I put together a Post-Event Resource Document on how to get involved in City Government as well as with our many non-profits through volunteer opportunities. This document is by no means all encompassing but it is a place to start. We challenge you to go to the volunteer opportunities and sign up. 

If you have information you think should be added or if you want to talk to us about follow up from the event, please email us at info@rvadirt.com

What does RVA Dirt do now? 

It goes without saying that we will continue doing what we have been doing but we have spent a lot of time talking about this and we have a couple of action items we will be executing on in 2017:

  1. Monthly RVA Together Volunteer Days: At our event we hosted the amazing organization Higher Achievement to share their volunteer opportunities with everyone. Starting in January 2017, we plan on picking a different non-profit to focus on for the month and have a scheduled group volunteer day with them.
  2. Monthly Accountability Reports: Through #StoneyWatch we will be releasing monthly summaries of #RVAMayor, #RVACouncil, and #RPSBoard decisions and actions. 
  3. Events: Maybe, we will see. ;-)