City Council- 12/12/16

compiled by Jessee Perry


Tomorrow's City Council Agenda is packed with interesting things that should prove to be an appropriate farewell to the outgoing council members. Agenda items include the property by the Carpenter Center, City Stadium, and Police Funding. Below you will find a quick summary of all agenda items with relevant links. If you can't attend, here is your live stream link!


The evening will start with Citizen Speakers that includes:  

  • Willie Earl Bradley on Economic Empowerment Awareness
  • Melvin Jones's Maggie Walker Essay
  • Ian McIntosh on Public Transit
  • Peter Henry on Rapid Transit
  • Catherine Anthony on Rapid Transit
  • WB Braxton-Bantu on the crisis of entering Abner Clay Park

The consent agenda (minus continuances) includes:  

  • ORD 2016-221: Amend Chesapeke Bay Maps
  • ORD 2016-244: Repeal a portion of City code to be able to abolish the Career and Technical Education Commission 
  • ORD 2016-260: Quarterly vacancy and monthly turnover reporting
  • ORD 2016-270: Approve  $3.9M land sale to City Center Development LLC for mixed use development (This is the property by the Carpenter Center and there are some concerns of note that Ross Catrow eloquently breaks down here)
  • ORD 2016-271: Authorize CAO to execute a Commonwealth's Development Opportunity Fund Performance Agreement with city entities and CoStar Realty Information, Inc
  • ORD 2016-272: Authorize CAO to accept $278K from JMU to go to the Gas Utility Budget
  • ORD 2016-274: Designate 2500 bock of Hawthorne Ave in honor of Andrew "Bo" Hobbs
  • ORD 2016-275: Authorize CAO to execute standard project agreement for sidewalk and landscaping on W Broad from Hamilton to Laurel
  • ORD 2016-276: Authorize CAO to execute standard project agrement for developing and administering the I-95 and Broad Street Interchange Project
  • ORD 2016-277: Authorize CAO to execute standard project agreement for  replacement of existing water utility facilities and bridge as part of E Main St  Bridge Replacement
  • ORD 2016-278: Authoize CAO to make agreement for utility and infrastructure redevelopment of Dove Street Redevelopment Area
  • ORD 2016-280: Reduce speed limit on Park Drive between Blanton Ave and Pump House Drive from 35 to 25 MPH
  • ORD 2016-281: Amend ORD 2016-053 to transfer $835K saved to Department of Police for purpose of recruiting a new police class ( WRIC article about the vote to increase police funding )
  • ORD 2016-282: Authorize CAO to accept $860K from Rockets Landing to go to General Fund
  • ORD 2016-283: Authorize CAO to accept $26K from Richmond Regional Planning District Commission to go to the Capital Budget for signs at T-Pot Bridge
  • ORD 2016-284: Approve transfer of $95K from Dept. of Finance and $5K from Dept. Public Works to City Facilities budget to pay $100K insurance deductible for repair of roof at 1700 Commerce Road
  • ORD 2016-285: Authrize CAO to accept $1M from VDOT for the I95 and Broad St Interchange Area Project
  • ORD 2016-286: Authorize CAO to accept $1M from VDOT for Broad Street Streetscape Project
  • ORD 2016-287: Direct sale of 1006 W Franklin for $291K to K and L Sales, LLC per the May auction
  • ORD 2016-288: Diret sale of 1302 Floyd Ave for $258K to Blackwood Investments per the May auction 
  • ORD 2016-289: Direct sale of 2308 Idlewood Ave for $68K to Kurt Engleman per the September auction 
  • ORD 2016-290: Direct sale of 500 Dove Street for nominal amount to RRHA ORD 2016-291: Direct sale of 509 Dove Street for nominal amount to RRHA  
  • ORD 2016-292: Authorize CAO to accept donation of a few simple interest in a portion of 390 South 11th Street and 330 South 11th Street from North Falls Acquisition LLC for the purpose of Canal Walk Phase 2 project
  • ORD 2016-293: Authorize Verizon Wireless to encroach on city rights-of-way by mounting cell antennae on some utility poles on W Cary St, Parkwood Ave, Lakeview Ave, Rosewood Ave, Cutshaw Ave, and Grove Ave
  • ORD 2016-29: Rezone 3022 West Broad St from B-3 General Business Districf to B-7 Mixed-Use Business
  • ORD 2016-295: Authorize 500 W Marshall to be 2-family dwelling
  • ORD 2016-296: Amend ORD 2009-101-110 which authorized special use of 6278 Old Warwick Road for up to 30 single family attached dwellings 
  • ORD 2016-297 : Authorize 3003 Parkwood Ave for up to 32 multi family dwellings
  • ORD 2016-298: Repeal City Code for purpose of abolishing Carillon Advisory Committee
  • ORD 2016-299: Authorize CAO to accept $198K from VA Dept Social Services for the purpose of hiring three employees for Healthy Families program
  • ORD 2016-300: Authorize CAO to make agreement with RRHA for facilitating infrastructure to support mixed-income rental development at 1501 North 31st Street and 1611 North 31st Street
  • RES 2016-R007: Make Dept of Planning and Development Review responsible for mailing notices of City Planning Commission Meetings instead of the Office of the City Clerk
  • RES 2016-R057: Add a third tenant representative to serve on Board of Commissioners of RRHA
  • RES 2016-R081: Express the sense of a need for a stoplight on Brookland Park Boulevard at Lamb Ave
  • RES 2016-R082: Impose enhanced speeding penalties and signs on West Roanoke St between Forest Hill Ave and Midlothian Turnpike
  • RES 2016-R083: Impose enhanced speeding penalties and signs on Midlothian Turnpike between Division Street and East Roanoke Street
  • RES 2016-R084: Request to mayor to include $75K in budget to connect panhandlers/underserved/unemployed with day jobs

The regular agenda (minus continuances) includes: 

  • ORD 2016-033: If a city employee obstructs an inspector general investigation by not providing immediate reasonable access to information they are subject to disciplinary action 
  • ORD 2016-273: Lease City Stadiu to Kickers ( Information here )