Home for the Holidays during #DumpsterFire2016

compiled by Jessee Perry

We are only two weeks past Election Day. I had more to that sentence but I lost my train of thought in the shock of that reality. Thanksgiving is a time to spend with people we love and sometimes, people we love have different opinions and beliefs than us. This presents the potential for a lot of awkward moments or arguments. Thankfully, there are some wonderful people and organizations out there ready and willing to help. SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice) even has a hotline (image below) for live help in case you get stuck! While a lot of the resources linked are geared toward helping white people talk about racial justice and politics, there is a lot of helpful information for anyone trying to have a conversation about these topics. 

Having read through a lot of these articles, my favorite advice is:

1- Be ready to listen.

2- If you are stuck, ask questions. Remember this is a dialogue. (Can you tell me more about that? Will you explain what you mean by that? etc)