Q1 2017- Board and Commission Appointments

compiled by Jessee Perry

Every quarter City Council appoints people to a litany of boards and commissions. If you are interested in getting more involved with our city and having your voice heard, be sure to apply to one of the open vacancies. All of the resources are available on the city website; however, we have compiled a PDF of the Q1 vacancies for your ease and convenience below. 

Application Process

  • Applicants who meet a vacancy's requirements should submit an application to the Office of the City Clerk through the Boards and Commissions website. Alternatively, applicants may submit a PDF version of the application. Applications submitted for positions for which there is no vacancy will remain on file for consideration for a period of six months pending an opening on the requested entity.

  • Applicants will receive a confirmation upon receipt of their application(s) detailing which Richmond City Council standing committee will review the application for recommendation to Council. The confirmation will also indicate the date, time and location of the standing committee meeting in which consideration of the application is scheduled to take place. The presence of applicants is generally not required; however, personal interviews are sometimes arranged at the request of the committee. Applicants are encouraged to verify standing committee meeting agendas and schedules prior to making plans to attend.

  • Once a recommendation is made at the standing committee level, it is forwarded to Richmond City Council for consideration.

  • A motion is made by a Richmond City Council member, at a Formal Meeting, regarding the approval of appointment recommendations from standing committees.

  • Once an appointment decision is made by Richmond City Council, applicants are advised of the decision via e-mail or mail. Applicants who are appointed will be provided information regarding their appointment term.


Upcoming Vacancy List

Apply Here

List of Vacancies

Current Board/Commission Members



Q: Are these paid appointments?

A: There are some that include a stipend.


Q: Is there a limit to how many you can apply for?

A: No, but if you are applying to multiples, email Alexander Rawles to denote your order of preference. His email is Alexander.rawles@richmondgov.com


Q: Is there a limit to how many boards/commissions you can serve on?

A: There was a resolution in the 90s indicating you can only serve on two. While it is not binding, it is still used as a rule of thumb.


Q: What if I want to be on a board/commission without a current vacancy?

A: Contact Alexander Rawles to be added to the waitlist.


Q: What if I have questions about a board/commission?

A: Call Alexander Rawles at 804-646-7955