November 14th- City Council Meeting

City Council Monday is back! Monday 11/14/2016 at 6PM, City Council will me meeting in their chambers at 900 E Broad St. Below is information about Monday's meeting:


City Council will be voting on ORD 2016-217 which is the Reedy Creek Project. To learn more about the proposal and resident dissent, click here

Citizen Speakers List

- Robert McCraken (4th): Lack of cooperation from staff regarding SPUA #9812, approved by Council in April 2016

- Melvin Jones (3rd): Maggie Walker Essay

- Marie Morton Hart (8th): Trees on property

- Robert Gabay (2nd): Homelessness

- Cheryl Nici-O'Connell (N/A): Thanking Council and citizens for support from an on duty injury sustained in 1984; and expressing support for active law enforcement



Live Stream