History in Headlines: Richmond Mayoral Candidates

Compiled and Posted by: Jessee Perry

At every single mayoral forum, at least one candidate has mentioned that if elected mayor, they will not generate embarrassing headlines. So of course I got curious. What headlines have the candidates generated so far? Digging into the Richmond-Times Dispatch archives from 1985-2016, I pulled all headlines I could find that made a specific reference to one of the mayoral candidates. The search parameters were using the date range 10/1/1985-10/8/2016 then typing the candidate's full name in the search bar and/or headline bar. In the headline listed, if there is a period it is because the headline went on two lines. Headlines are listed below by candidate from oldest headline to most recent. 

Bobby Junes

7/10/16: Junes says he will work 'to get the city back on track'

Lawrence Williams


7/16/04: Wilder opposes downtown ballpark. McCollum, Nance and Williams say he echoes their concerns on plan

10/17/04: Williams fine-tunes political timing

11/3/06: Robertson, Williams are familiar foes. Housing a hot topic as opponents prepare to do battle again

7/17/08: Richmond mayor's race close fiscally. Jones, Pantele, Grey on top in fundraising, reports show, followed by Goldman, Williams

9/16/08: Williams again has designs on elected office. After 3 bids for council, architect is making second run for mayor

7/10/16: Making his third bid, Williams seeks school, budget changes

Jon Baliles

3/11/86: Laura & Jon Baliles teenagers settle into life at the mansion

2/14/08: Baliles' son starts work in Wilder's press office

6/4/12: Jon Baliles challenging Bruce Tyler in Richmond's 1st District

9/26/12: Baliles- City Council candidate: 'A new generation of positive leadership'

11/6/12: Baliles leads Tyler in Richmond City Council race

11/7/12: Baliles holds 24-vote lead over Tyler in Richmond's 1st district

11/8/12: Day after election, Baliles holds slim lead in bid for council seat

3/14/15: Baliles: Good budgets focus on core needs

Michelle Mosby

11/6/12: Mosby defeats Conner to take 9th District council seat

12/5/14: Mosby jockeys to become next Richmond council president

12/6/14:Mosby aims to lead City Council

1/2/15: City Council's Mosby should take steps for transparency

1/5/15: As a new leader of Richmond council, Mosby calls for more collaboration

1/18/15: Mosby in spotlight after rising swiftly in Richmond politics

8/18/15: City Council's Mosby says she's planing to run for mayor

12/29/15: Mosby sets three-day symposium to kick off her campaign for mayor

1/8/16: City Council president assails ideas of Samuels as 'retarded'

1/10/16: Mosby's priorities appear misplaced

2/22/16: Michelle R. Mosby

7/10/16: Mosby stresses coalition building, council experience

Levar Stoney

11/18/13: McAuliffe names Brown, Reagan, Denslow, Stoney to posts

1/22/14: After hearing, House panel backs Stoney

2/22/16: Levar Stoney

4/16/16: Stoney resigns from state job

4/22/16: Stoney joins crowd of candidates

4/23/16: McAuliffe, speaking of Stoney's campaign, says he will 'do whatever he wants me to do'

6/7/16: Stoney, Berry report wide fundraising leads in contest

6/9/16: Stoney taps into connections

6/15/16: Sunday PolitiFact: Stoney wrong about origins of voting ban

6/27/16: Stoney isn't qualified to be mayor

7/10/16: City's struggles moved Stoney to enter race, he says

7/17/16: Richmond mayoral hopeful Stoney again outraises rivals

8/18/16: Richmond home builders group endorses Stoney in mayoral race

9/8/16: Richmond mayoral candidates Stoney, Berry show different focuses in 1st TV ads

9/9/16: Richmond Democrats endorse Stoney for Mayor

9/15/16: Richmond teachers union support Stoney in mayoral race

9/17/16: Stoney tops fundraising record in mayoral race

Jack Berry

5/9/87: Berry receives top society honor

5/12/87: Reynolds award is given to Berry

7/27/91: Berry looks forward to challenges of Hanover 'top job'

7/29/91: Behind-scenes work suits Berry. Serving the public a family tradition

3/20/93: Hanover: end water fight. Berry tells regional summit county might build Pamunkey Reservior

9/21/09: For Richmond execs, Jack Berry and Jack Berry, similarities and differences

9/21/09: Venture Richmond's Jack Berry a quiet force for the city

2/22/16: Jack Berry

4/6/16:: Jack Berry announces run for mayor

4/18/16: Monday PolitiFact: Berry in error about Richmond teacher raises

4/28/16: Berry: We are all tourism

6/7/16: Stoney, Berry report wide fundraising leads in contests

7/10/16: Berry ready to 'hit the reset button' on regional efforts

8/11/16: Jack Berry is the most qualified candidate

8/16/16: Democrats questioning Berry's party allegiances

8/17/16: Morrissey comes to Berry's defense in debate over access to voter data

8/24/16: Berry taps J. Ukrop, Fazaldin to co-chair mayoral campaign

9/8/16: Richmond mayoral candidates Stoney, Berry show different focuses in 1st TV ads

9/11/16: Realtor group endorses Berry in Richmond mayoral contest

9/25/16: Emails show Berry's push for stadium in Shockoe

9/26/16: Monday PolitiFact: Strong basis to Berry's claim about growth in Richmond

Joe Morrissey

2/8/89: Morrissey to open drive for city post

3/7/89: Davis, Morrissey, El-Amin trade barbs

4/18/89: Morrissey charged three times with assualt between 1983-1987

4/28/89: Morrissey says he was not fired as city prosecutor

5/2/89: Morrissey outspends Davis by 8-to-1

5/8/89: Morrissey campaign slogan 'all too true,' lawyer says

5/16/89: Morrissey, Richardson enliven Maymont debate

5/21/89: Morrissey collects most delegate votes

5/22/89: Morrissey's win over Davis likely to draw new foes

6/6/89: Morrissey outspent Davis 5 to 1 in nomination battle

6/20/89: Morrissey reports theft from his auto

10/3/89: Morrissey, Kaestner remain biggest spenders in race

10/4/89: Morrissey outspending his opponents

10/17/89: Morrissey, Kaestner say more black prosecutors are needed

10/18/89: Morrissey gains endorsements

10/18/89: Morrissey receives backing of Crusade

10/31/89: Morrissey outspends opponents

11/8/89: Morrissey to enlish Davis' help

11/8/89: Morrissey winner. Alderman runner-up

12/21/89: Morrissey to stop defending cases here

12/21/89: Morrissey calls order 'much ado about little'

12/22/89: Morrissey is defending suspect believed member of drug gang

1/2/90: Some colleagues view Morrissey with 'fright'

1/3/90: Morrissey outlines 90-day plan to make job, aides more visible

2/15/90: Defense attorney wants Morrissey off murder case

2/21/90: Morrissey prohibited from prosecuting city man in slaying

2/21/90: Judge disqualifies Morrissey as prosecutor in murder case

3/8/90: Judge disqualifies Morrissey, staff noted in drug case

3/11/90: Morrissey on other side this time

3/13/90: Woman sues Morrissey in effort to recover fee

6/20/90: Morrissey's action on art challenged

7/20/90: Morrissey told to take ethics course

7/20/90: Morrissey's course resolved complaint

9/11/90: Morrissey misdeed alleged in motion by Gray lawyer

9/13/90: Panel of state bar dismisses Morrissey ethics allegations

9/13/90: Morrissey faces bar ethics panel

9/14/90: Ethics panel dismisses case against Morrissey

9/25/90: Morrissey's role in case pondered

10/5/90: Judge says Morrissey erred. Verdict stands

12/18/90: Morrissey is sued by former client

12/18/90: Suit against Morrissey nears trial

12/20/90: Jury may decide whether Morrissey pays. Morrissey awaiting decision

12/21/90: Morrissey, former client agree to settle dispute

1/10/91: Morrissey to push in assembly for stricter gun-control laws

1/11/91: Morrissey asks assembly to pass gun law initiatives

1/31/91: Morrissey's mistakes

2/5/91: Threat leads Morrissey to get permit

2/10/91: Officials hang tough under fire. Morrissey defends tactics, says record is vincidation

2/23/91: Parents of former client file suit against Morrissey over charge

2/24/91: Couple sues Morrissey, alleges fraud over fees

2/26/91: Court records support and rebut Morrissey lawsuit

3/1/91: U.S. judge rejects Morrissey appeal in art gallery case

3/12/91: Morrissey's Mistakes II

4/11/91: Morrissey reneged on deal, slaying suspends lawyer says

4/11/91: Testimony agreement is disputed. Effort seeks to hold Morrissey to deal

4/19/91: Lawyer quits case to confront Morrissey from witness stand

6/29/91: Morrissey to face contempt charges

6/29/91: Morrissey due in court over letter

7/4/91: Morrissey-Driscoll war of words has erupted on two more fronts

7/4/91: Former foe to defend Morrissey

7/9/91: Court to be asked to appoint judge for Morrissey case

7/9/91: Morrissey case will get a new judge

7/12/91: Morrissey to pay fees in lawsuit by art gallery

7/12/91: Lancaster judge appointed to decide Morrissey case

7/13/91: Morrissey's office to pay fees in gallery suit

7/19/91: Morrissey would write ltter again

7/19/91: Judge convicts Morrissey of contempt

8/12/91: If contempt case for Morrissey is tried, it will be held Aug. 23

8/13/91: Morrissey appeal set for Aug. 23. Settlement urged

8/23/91: Morrissey explains intent of his letter

8/23/91: ACLU supports Morrissey in clash with Judge Driscoll

8/24/91: Morrissey gets five-day term in contempt-of-court conviction

8/24/91: Morrissey contempt conviction upheld

8/31/91: Eck can pay meeting fees, Morrissey says

9/11/91: Lawyer's billing outrages Morrissey

10/12/91: Morrissey seeks furniture work $16,000

10/12/91: Morrissey defends plan to buy furniture

10/25/91: Morrissey retreats on office refitting. He decided to get cheaper furniture

10/25/91: Morrissey disputes office furniture cost

11/18/91: Take complaint to bar, judge tells Morrissey

12/19/91: Morrissey, Baugh in brawl

12/20/91: Courthouse hallways fray pits Morrissey, Baugh in brawl

12/23/91: City Sherrif's letter calls on Morrissey to resign his post

12/24/91: Morrissey dismisses comment

12/31/91: Record backs him, Morrissey says

1/3/92: Morrissey, Baugh face revocation of appeals bails

1/3/92: Morrissey laments news coverage. Says one newspaper left his girlfriend crying

1/3/92: Morrissey helped produce supportive letter to newspaper

1/4/92: Judge requests answers. Morrissey, Baugh have till Wednesday

1/8/92: Morrissey, baugh to offer regrets

1/9/92: Morrissey, baugh get 5-day sentences. They apologize, but only to judge

1/9/92: Ethics allegation compouds Morrissey's legal problems

1/11/92: Morrissey to be released from jail early. Only half of term served under good-time rules

1/11/92: Morrissey set to leave city jail

1/11/92: Morrissey apologizes for misbehavior

1/13/92: Subdued Morrissey released from jail

1/13/92: Morrissey returns to work, but jail is still topic

1/16/92: 3 judges get job of ruling on Morrissey

1/18/92: Morrissey counters lawsuit by couple

1/22/92: Morrissey countersuit is rejected by judge

1/23/92: Morrissey's claim rejected by judge

1/28/92: Morrissey is faulted as verdict is reversed

2/12/92: Judge blasts Morrissey in letter. Using court involved 'subterfuge,' Judge says

2/12/92: Judge condemns Morrissey, aids for rehersal trial

2/18/92: Trial over couple's suit against Morrissey begins

2/19/92: Two says Morrissey sought unnecessary fee

2/19/92: Morrissey fraud trial centers on who suggested retainer

2/20/92: Jury finds Morrissey did not defraud man's family

2/20/92: Morrissey says couple wanted to pay for defense

2/20/92: Don't judge Morrissey by events of one case

2/21/92: Easy' decision: jury rejects Morrissey fraud cause allegations

3/3/92: Morrissey rebuked for courthouse brawl

3/4/92: Morrissey avoids revocation of license, accepts reprimand. He vows to 'turn the other cheek' in the future

3/4/92: Morrissey vows no repeat of fight, receives reprimand

3/12/92: Suit accuses Morrissey over bail denial

3/12/92: Suit says Morrissey violated Man's rights

3/30/92: Morrissey's office space bid rejected

4/10/92: Drama deepens in 70th. Morrissey probe, El-Amin suit begin

4/11/92: Morrissey lears Larry Wilder, Owens

5/1/92: Judge seeks probe of Morrissey. Case involving state Senator's grandson at issue

5/8/92: Dismissal of case is not his fault, Morrissey says

5/8/92: Murder charge dropped in Morrissey's absence

5/15/92: Morrissey invitation not entirely welcome

5/16/92: Morrissey puts himself on school lecture circuit

6/23/92: Lawsuit against Morrissey rejected

7/7/92: Morrissey letter draws investigation

7/7/92: Prosecutors announce resignations. Three will leave Morrissey's staff by end of month

9/30/92: Prosecutor weighs probe of bureau. Morrissey reviews visitor agency audit

10/5/92:Morrissey targets high rents

10/7/92:Audit may result in charges. Morrissey conducting visitors bureau probe

10/10/92: Prosecutor seeks "corner" on TV. Council to consider Morrissey request for weekly one-hour cable program

11/25/92: Morrissey urges new Hopkins trial. He attained conviction in 1990 case

12/6/92: Convenience store clerk shot in January theft dies. Morrissey plans to seek indictment for capital murder

12/15/92: Judge awards Morrissey legal fees

12/17/92: Lawsuit filed by Morrissey withdrawn

1/15/93: Morrissey show debuts with plea for information

1/19/93: Morrissey assistant to seek nomination

1/22/93: Morrissey Grand Marshall

3/9/93: Ministers endorse Hicks as prosecutor. Conference backed Morrissey in 1989

3/10/93: Morrissey plans to seek second term

3/26/93:Letters helping opponent of Morrissey's stir rebuke

3/31/93:Court upholds Morrissey's conviction letter to judge

4/6/93:Bar association endorses Hicks. Criminal attorneys pass over Morrissey

4/17/93:Morrissey effort admits error

4/20/93: Morrissey announces campaign committee

4/22/93: Morrissey's reponse stirs accusation

4/27/93: Morrissey runs on his record. Challenger hicks cites killings

5/5/93: Hicks and Morrissey file expense reports

5/14/93: Morrissey, Hicks view 'experience'. Prosecutor's record vs. street education

5/16/93: Hicks, Morrissey to talk to Jaycees on Tuesday

5/19/93: Hicks, Morrissey campaign boils over. Victim's mother enters the fray

5/22/93: Police lodge supports Morrissey. Both candidates' qualifications touted

5/23/93: Morrissey target of state probe. Aide defends handing of funds in case

5/25/93: Morrissey defends payment in case

5/27/93: Morrissey, Hicks exchange barbs at candidate's forum

5/28/93: Morrissey slide show criticized. Complaint says child abuse victim were indentifiable

5/29/93: Stop using slides, says Oksman. Morrissey warned of effects

6/2/93: Bold is best, Morrissey says. His foe, Hicks, seeks rashess

6/3/93: Fund-raising surge lets Hicks match Morrissey

6/5/93: Morrissey is indicted on 5 counts. He says it's 'political,' vows to 'stand tall'

6/5/93: Morrissey is indicted on 5 counts. Extend, severity of the charges shock lawyers

6/6/93: Morrissey challenges jury action. Grand juror is volunteer with the Hicks campaign

6/7/93: What to make of this Morrissey mess

6/7/93: Morrissey attacks reimbursement. Incument cites $119 as conflict-of-interest, while opponent calls the payment routine

6/10/93: Morrissey's day in court. Prosecutor seeks dismissal of charges facing him

6/11/93: Judge suspends Morrissey. Prosecutor's chief deputy, William Parcell, named to fill job

6/11/93: Pride, pugnacity have sustained Morrissey

6/12/93: Morrissey violated conditions of bond

6/15/93: Appeals panel to rule today on reinstating Morrissey

6/16/93: Morrissey reinstated as city's prosecutor. He can return to office but with some limitation

6/22/93: Morrissey forced again from office. Judges respond to staff revolt

6/24/93: Morrissey wants trial by city jury

7/1/93: Morrissey files to get reinstated

7/3/93: Court rejects Morrissey plea to be reinstated

7/13/93: Prosecutor seeks to move Morrissey trial out of city

7/17/93: Morrissey will face three trials. August date is set for bribery hearing

7/21/93: Morrissey petitions high court

7/22/93: Court to hear Morrissey's request for reinstatement

7/29/93: Legality of suspension of Morrissey is argued

7/31/93: Morrissey is reinstated by court. He'll resume duties Monday. Still faces trial

8/1/93: Morrissey may stay home despite victory

8/3/93: Morrissey steps aside temporarily

8/4/93: Morrissey contempt conviction stands

8/10/93: Papers seek to ban lawyer. Morrissey moves to disqualify prosecutor

8/11/93: Cable TV show started by Morrissey cancelled

8/12/93: Produce guns, judge tells Morrissey. Pair of missing assault weapons were borrowed from a state agency

8/14/93: Morrissey attorneys surprised. Witness denies threats from special prosecutor

8/17/93: Trial opens for city prosecutor. Morrissey didn't mention $25,000 payment, victim says

8/17/93: For friends, foes alike, Morrissey trial is great theater

8/18/93: Lawyer tells of plea accord in rape case. He, Morrissey disagreed on details

8/18/93: Playing the game by Morrissey rules

8/19/93: She thought money would help. Prisoner's mother donated to Morrissey

8/20/93: Morrissey denies any wrong doing. 'I'm proud' of the way rape settlement was handled, he says

8/21/93: Morrissey not guilty of bribery. Deliberation on 3 counts lasts barely 90 minutes

8/21/93: Morrissey not guilty of bribery. Jurors: political overtones of case hurt prosecution

8/21/93: What's next for Morrissey?

8/22/93: Little-used law basis for pact. Deal led to counts against Morrissey

8/23/93: Morrissey to stay off job, attend to charges

8/23/93: For Friends, Foes, Trial was Joe-Fest. Will Morrissey's Path Lead to City Council?"

9/1/93: Oksam memo accuses Morrissey

9/3/93: Oksam wrong, Morrissey lawyer says. Letter city attorney wrote is called full of inaccuracies

9/9/93: Morrissey hearing continued. Delay gives attorney more time to prepare

10/7/93: Judge returns Morrissey to jail

10/12/93: Morrissey to return to work. 'I'm doing what I think is in the best interests of the city'

10/13/93: Morrissey returns to work. At day's end no one had quit. Commonwealth's attorney cits lack of leadership in absence

10/14/93: HE'S BAAAAAAACK!"

10/14/93: Morrissey assistant resignes. Some sorces say act was due to return

10/17/93: Morrissey hires Chesterfield's Former Commonwealth's Attorney

10/19/93: Another Morrissey assistant resigns. Shaia says he can't work for a defendant

11/5/93: Prosecutor to be witness? Gilmore might be called in Morrissey's upcoming trial

11/12/93: Hicks selects 5 attorneys as deputies. Two once worked in Morrissey's office

11/20/93: Morrissey will not be tried for perjury in gift reports

11/21/93: Morrissey demands day in court. He's outraged over dismissal of charge

11/23/93: Seek vindication or move?

12/1/93: Pugilistic prosecutor jabs press, Terry, Parcess. Morrissey shares plans, views with journalists

12/8/93: Saw no conflict, Morrissey swears. Victim, judge were not told about deal

12/9/93: Morrissey's law license suspended. He says judges' ethics ruling can't apply pending appeal

12/10/93: Morrisey at office. Is he still in office?

12/14/93: Morrissey seeks to continue duties during appeal

12/16/93: Morrissey out of office, at least for now

12/17/93: Morrissey 'thrilled' at ruling he can stay on to finish job supreme court stays license removal

12/21/93: Ex-aid to prosecutor says she did campaign work

12/22/93: 5th Morrissey felony count is dismissed 'I'm just savoring this final victory'

4/2/94: Heroin suspect had gun in locker. Morrissey reported UZI was missing

6/7/94: Morrissey court absence debates he attended wedding during client's life-death hearing

6/8/94: At Morrissey's Appeal Hearing, Spirit and Letter of Rule Debated

9/17/94: Morrissey suspension is upheld. He lost his law license for six months over his handling of plea

11/4/94: Morrissey law license suspension set. He hopes it will be less than 6 months

12/29/94: Cut Suspension, Morrissey Asks

1/5/95: Vick says Morrissey disclosed probe data

1/6/95: Morrissey denies disclosure breach. Apologize or file charge, he tells Vick

1/11/95: Vick copmlaint is targeted at Morrissey

1/12/95: Morrissey, Vick trade legal shots

2/16/95: Two spar over ethics complaints. Lawyers for Morrissey, Vick at odds

4/5/95: Bar agreement cuts ties Morrissey has to old firm

8/7/95: Morrissey takes issue with news story's language

9/9/95: Morrissey and partner sued

8/2/96: More than meets the eye? Morrissey says it's lucky client was drunk

1/25/97: Lawyer disputes Olivr on probe. Morrissey says prosecutor told him three times officials were looking for government corruption

1/28/97: Morrissey was boss of Trono. They'll be opponents in Joel Harris case

2/13/97: Lawyer to face charges. Morrissey headed to court over contempt allegations

2/20/97: Harris is arraigned. Morrissey admonished

2/21/97: Morrissey takes on Prince William case. He'll defend teen charged in slaying

2/22/97: Morrissey contempt trial to be april 24

4/10/97: Trial for Morrissey now set for July 29th

4/29/97: Morrissey motion answered. Prosecutor rejects Harris' 'Real Claim'

5/14/97: Busy in other courts, says Morrissey of missed dates

6/24/97: Morrissey request denied. Hired-attorney status stands in Harris case

10/21/97: Morrissey is cited for contempt

10/28/97: Morrissey trial is set. Lawyer is charged with court contempt

11/1/97: Judge's contempt verdict: Guilty. He says Morrissey used the wrong court

2/24/98: U.S. wants Morrissey jailed 6 months. It'll also ask 3-year bar to practicing law

2/25/98: Morrissey sentenced to 90 days in jail. Suspended 2 years from federal court

8/8/98: Williamsburg judge cites Morrissey for contempt

8/18/98: Judge is asked to revoke Morrissey bond. Williams act is cited. Lawyer called recidivist

9/24/98: Judge orders Morrissey to class

10/29/98: Rule faces trial with Morrissey

2/12/99: Morrissey jail term for contempt upheld

2/25/99: Morrissey lawyers to fight jailing

3/5/99: Morrissey to remain free pending appeal

4/21/99: Morrissey citation upheld

6/8/99: Morrissey to start serving 30-day contempt sentence

6/12/99: Morrissey goes to county jail

6/13/99: Change to sentence sought. Lawyer seens work release or house arrest for Morrissey, calls judge biased

6/19/99: Morrissey to remain jailed for contempt. Judge denies former prosecutor's bail request

6/25/99: Morrissey is free, but for how long

6/30/99: Surrender July 13, Morrissey ordered

7/1/99: Lawyer backs Morrissey tactics

7/4/99: Morrissey is accused in beating. He allegedly broke nose of man doing work for associate

7/5/99: Morrissey is jailed on contempt charge. Bond breach stems from alleged attack hearing tomorrow

7/7/99: Judge jails Morrissey for contempt. Defense lawyer may face charges in alleged assault

7/8/99: Ring not found at Morrissey home

7/9/99: Morrissey due in court today in assault case

7/9/99: Morrissey's back at it, along with others

7/10/99: Morrissey pleads not guilty, will go to trial Aug. 24

7/20/99: Attorney outlines Morrissey's strategy for trial

8/20/99: Morrissey trial date rescheduled

8/25/99: Morrissey bond is $25,000. Witness saw pushing, shoving in altercation

8/28/99: Morrissey asks judge to quit case

9/16/99: Morrissey's license in jeopardy?

9/23/99: Judge for Morrissey trial refuses to disqualify herself

9/30/99: Selection of jury is going slowly in Morrissey case

10/1/99: Man testifies about alleged attack. Said he didn't expect fight with Morrissey

10/2/99: Morrissey fight described. Wittness: victim's head not slammed into door

10/5/99: Fought to defend self, says Morrissey. Tells jury Wycoff was angry with him

10/6/99: Jury in Morrissey case to begin deliberations today

10/7/99: Morrissey jury to resume talks

10/8/99: Morrissey convicted of lesser charge. Lawyer fined $2,500 in assault on worker

10/13/99: Morrissey is issued 2 traffic citations in motorcycle case

10/14/99: Wycoff sues Morrissey over fight

11/25/99: Morrissey files suit in fight case

12/22/99: Morrissey found guilty of speeding

12/29/99: VA. Bar disciplinary proceedings under way. Morrissey accused of violating 4 rules for lawyers

12/30/99: Morrissey law license suspended three years. He violated VA. Bar disciplinary rules

2/29/00: Morrissey community service disputed. Prosecutors accuse him of trying to fake completion

8/16/00: Morrissey is convicted in U.S. Court

8/17/00: Joe Morrissey's latest visit to the principal's office

8/22/00: The tragedy of Joe Morrissey, a comedy in several acts

9/2/00: Morrissey day in court delayed

9/6/00: Morrissey headed back to jail. Judge imposes 90-day penalty in U.S. Prison

9/26/00: Defamation suit planned by Morrissey. Construction supervisor his target

1/18/01: Lawyer drops appeal. Morrissey serving 3-year suspension

1/27/01: Morrissey drops lawsuit against 3

9/4/01: Dublin school hires Morrissey. He'll teach jury-trial tactics

1/5/02: Federal Judges disbar Morrissey. Unethical conduct, disobedience cited

7/17/02: Morrissey civil trial begins in Henrico, Ex-Prosecutor sued over assault

7/19/02: Jury orders Morrissey to pay $1 Million

10/30/02: Lawyer's license may be revoked. State Bar plans Morrissey hearing

4/29/03: Morrissey's law license revoked. Appeal to VA. Supreme Court planned

5/15/06: Fighting Joe is back in town

5/8/07: Morrissey joins race in 74th, declaring 'Joe's Back!"

6/1/07: Morrissey returns to run for delegate

6/8/07: Morrissey awaits ruling after 2-day hearing on debt

6/9/07: Disbarred lawyer targeted in mailer

6/14/07: Morrissey draws closer to delevates seat. Candidate's message of perserverance helped him win primary, adviser says

6/14/07: Morrissey wins in primary was razor thin

11/7/07: Some savor victories; others have to bid adieu. Morrissey, Loupassi celebrate; Waddell resumes 'normal life'

3/28/08: Morrissey sues ex-associate in alleged theft

10/30/08: Delegate's former partner sentenced: Ex-associate of Morrissey will serve 28 months for guilty plea on 14 counts

2/22/09: Gerien H. 'Gary' Wycoff dies at 52. He successfully sued Morrissey over a fight over contracting work

3/14/09: Morrissey shows why he remains a fan faborite

3/31/09: Delegate accuses Style of libel

4/10/09: Business man plans to challenge Morrissey

9/5/09: Morrissey to pedal 74 miles through 74th to kick off re-election bid

12/17/09: Morrissey criticizes Verizon at rally protesting job cuts at company

2/25/10: Morrissey buys Wilder desk at Capitol furnishings auction

4/13/10: Morrissey, Style Weekly settle $10 million libel lawsuit

8/8/10: Morrissey seeks reinstatement of state law license

9/17/10: Morrissey calls for liquor-privatization referendum

9/27/10: Morrissey plans to pursue protective-order legislation

12/30/10: Morrissey blasts Marshall

4/22/11: Morrissey seeks to have law license reinstated

4/23/11: Morrissey takes fight for law license to Va. State Bar

5/11/11: Panel rejects law license reinstatement for Morrissey

6/7/11: Morrissey won't take on Marsh in primary

6/7/11: Morrissey will seek another term in House, won't challenge Marsh

12/17/11: Morrissey eligible for law license

12/18/11: Morrissey wants law license back now

12/20/11:Morrissey's reinstatement request unclear

4/27/12: Morrissey's law license restored

6/19/12: Morrissey urges legislative inquiry into U.Va. Turmoil

6/20/12: Morrissey urges legislative inquiry into Sullivan's ouster

1/17/13: Morrissey brings assault weapon onto House flood ahead of gun bills

1/18/13: Morrissey borrowed weapons, alerted Capitol Police

4/13/13: Dance, Morrissey trade charges of Senate ambitions

6/29/13: Morrissey vows to overturn Va. Ban on same-sex marriage

8/29/13: Police investigating Morrissey's ties to teen girl

8/29/13: Attorney: Morrissey discussed legal matter with teen

8/30/13: Henrico prosecutor not stepping aside in Morrissey case

11/19/13: New prosecutor, judge assigned to Morrissey case

5/22/14: Morrissey says stadium plan violates Va. Constitution

6/5/14: Attorney claims Morrissey investigation too aggressive

6/6/14: Grand jury looks at Morrissey case

6/9/14: Hacker apparently placed photos related to Morrissey on teen's phone

6/30/14: Morrissey fires back at charges of illicit relationship

7/1/14: Morrissey indicted on sex charges

7/1/14: Fairfax Democrat Keam urges Morrissey to resign

7/2/14: Morrissey denies sex charges

7/2/14: Fellow Demograt calls on Morrissey to resign

7/19/14: Morrissey pleads not guilty to sexually abusing minor

8/8/14:Morrissey wants prosecutor removed, indictments dismissed

8/9/14: Morrissey seeks case dismissal

8/11/14: Prosecutor: Morrissey turned down misdemeanor offer in sex case

8/29/14: Lawyers: Prosecutor should be removed from Morrissey case

8/30/14: Attorneys allege bias against Morrissey

12/4/14: Morrissey trial to start Dec. 15

12/12/14: Morrissey enters plea, sentences to 12 months with 6 suspended

12/12/14: Victim's family divided over Morrissey conviction

12/13/14: Morrissey, back in his office Saturday, vows revenge

12/13/14: Morrissey to address demands by McAuliffe, Democrats that he resign

12/13/14: Morrissey case divides family of teen

12/14/14: Morrissey withholds decision on whether to quit House

12/14/14: Morrissey vows revenge

12/14/14: Morrissey receives six months in jail

12/15/14: Morrissey mum on House resignation

12/16/14: Schapiro: Running out of friends, Morrissey finds a new one

12/16/14: Challenger backs off Morrissey's recall plan

12/16/14: Editorial: Morrissey tries gator offensive

12/18/14: Howell blasts Morrissey, McAuliffe decries 'circus'

12/18/14: Morrissey resigns, will run in special election; loses work-release privileges

12/19/14: Woman in Morrissey case comes forward

12/19/14: Few Democrats to pick nominee for Morrissey's seat

12/20/14: Morrissey to resign, run in special election ro fill seat

12/21/14: Morrissey will not seek Democratic nod in 74th

12/22/14: Democrats pick Sullivan as nominee for Morrissey's seat

12/23/14: Morrissey announces independenr bid

12/23/14: Ex-union offical wins nod to run for Morrissey's seat

12/29/14: Williams: In Morrissey aftermath, Democrats' process hurts everyone

12/30/14: Morrissey banks on his money advantage in 74th District race

12/31/14: Morrissey has head start in special House election

1/7/15: Prosecutor files bar complaint against Morrissey

1/7/15: Republican seeking Morrissey's seat hopes to rebuild trust

1/8/15: Sullivan's ad featuring young woman's father angers Morrissey

1/8/15: Morrissey keeps his edge in money race

1/10/15: Voters go to polls Tuesday in 'bizarre' contest for Morrissey's seat

1/11/15: Schapiro: Getting answers for getting rid of Morrissey

1/12/15: Morrissey protests search of his office; special election is today

1/13/15: Morrissey protests search of his office

1/13/15: Morrissey wins special election from jail

1/14/15: Scandal: The Morrissey mess

1/14/15: Jailed Morrissey wins special election

1/15/15: Morrissey takes Va. House seat, for now

1/15/15: Williams: For better or worse, the people have spoken on Morrissey

1/15/15: The Morrissey mess

1/16/15: Morrissey victory poses dilemma for Democrats

1/16/15: Wrap-up: Change in the statehouse; VMFA; Joe Morrissey

1/21/15: Morrissey is subject of new felony case

1/22/15: Morrissey hit with new felony charges

1/23/15: Would a new Morrissey trial bring the same old outcome? 

1/30/15: New prosecutor, judge assigned to Morrissey case

2/9/15: Lawmakers shun Morrissey, but sanctions on back burner

2/23/15: Morrissey vows innocense in new case

3/10/15: Morrissey released from jail

3/15/15: Morrissey present as woman in his case gives birth in Ga.

3/16/15: Richmond mayor Young to seek Morrissey's seat

3/21/15: Morrissey confirms run for Dance's Senate seat

3/22/15: Sullivan, Miles endorse Bagby in race for Morrissey's seat

3/23/15: Editorial: Shameless Joe Morrissey refuses to go away

3/24/15: 2 back Bagby for Morrissey's seat

3/25/15: Editorial: Morrissey isn't getting state political leaders' hints

4/6/15: Editorial: Morrissey should know all about tarnishing party brand

4/8/15: Morrissey lawsuit seeks to stop printing of primary ballots

4/9/15: Morrissey sues over Democrats' petition rejection

4/15/15: Judge rejects bid by Morrissey to block printing of primary ballots

4/27/15: Morrissey distorts Dance's record on Medicaid expansion

5/17/15: Morrissey still could face perjury charges

5/21/15: Morrissey acknowledges fathering child

5/22/15: Morrissey makes the Joe Show a family affair

5/22/15: With Morrissey, expect the excessive

6/4/15: Mother of teen who worked for Morrissey cleared

6/7/15: 3 vie for Democratic nomination in Morrissey's old House district

6/13/15: Morrissey case to get another hearing

6/13/15: Bagby and Lambert seek to fill vacancy left by Morrissey

7/22/15: Bagby wins special election for Morrissey's former seat

9/5/15: Morrissey suspends run for Senate

9/11/15: Morrissey quits Senate campaign

9/23/15: Court upholds Morrissey dismissal

9/23/15: Morrissey still on Nov. 3 ballot for Senate seat

12/18/15: Morrissey, engaged, hits at run for mayor

12/24/15: Morrissey plans to seek his House seat as independent

12/27/15: Faces of 2015: Joe Morrissey

2/22/16: Joe Morrissey

3/25/16: Morrissey likely to launch bid next week

4/1/16: Morrissey officially announces Richmond mayoral bid

7/7/16: Morrissey campaign signs hit by vandals

7/10/16: Morrissey's been planning his run for 'several years'

8/17/16: Morrissey comes to Berry's defense in debate over access to voter data

8/24/16: Schintzius suing to get name on ballot

8/30/16: Morrissey gets 28% to lead Richmond mayoral race

8/31/16: Schapiro: Stopping Morrissey may mean culling herd

8/31/16: Morrissey, again

9/1/16: Morrissey names Repp as campaign manager

9/4/16: Morrissey's lead in mayoral poll suggests racial, economic split

9/5/16: Morrissey trial still on track as judge finds no procedural problem

9/22/16: Morrissey gains his first mayoral endorsement

9/24/16: Judge orders digital release of more of Morrisseys 'electronic data'

9/27/16: Morrisey says as mayor, he would remove Davis monument

9/28/16: Morrissey leads, two closer in mayor poll

10/4/16: Opposition expanding against Morrissey

10/6/16: Morrissey decries RTD opinion