Vote Absentee VA

Election Day is November 8th but you do not have to wait to vote! If you are interested in voting early, here is the scoop: 

Voting Absentee v.s. Voting Early

In Virginia these are basically the same thing because to be eligible for early voting, you must qualify for an absentee ballot. The real difference is if you choose to vote in person or by ballot. 

Requesting a Ballot

Request an absentee ballot be mailed to you by 5PM November 1st OR request an absentee ballot in-person by 5PM November 5th. These ballots need to be returned by 7PM on Election Day. You can request the ballot by mail, fax, or emailing the scanned form. If you have a drivers license or DMV ID card, you can also request an absentee ballot online. 

Mailing Address: Office of the General Registrar PO Box 61037 Richmond, VA 232611037

Fax: 804-646-7848


Returning a Ballot

Mail it back to the General Registrar's Office or complete the ballot in person at the General Registrar's office. 

MAJOR NOTE: The ballot requests and ballots must be RECEIVED by the General Registrar's office by the deadline cut off. They can not just be postmarked by that time. Keep in mind that First Class delivery is 2-5 days and Standard delivery is 2-9 days. 

Am I eligible to vote early?

If you meet any one of the following criteria, you are eligible to vote early:

  • Not in the city on election day (work, vacation, or personal reasons are all acceptable)
  • Either a member of the US Armed Forces, the spouse or a dependent of an Armed Forces member
  • A student or spouse of a student attending school outside of the city on Election Day
  • Disables, sick or pregnant
  • In jail on Nov. 5th or later awaiting trial or for a misdemeanor conviction
  • Officer of election or custodian of voting equipment
  • Primary caretaker for a sick or disabled family member confined at home
  • Under religious obligation
  • Working a shift of 11+ hours on Election Day during hours of voting
  • Police office, firefighter, EMS personnel
  • Official partisan poll watcher
  • Temporarily living outside of U.S.
  • No longer a resident of VA but moved less than 30 days before the election and are requesting a ballot for President/Vice President