Mayoral Playlist with Jack Berry, by WRIR 97.3 FM's DJ Sean Lovelace


As of the latest poll, it looks like a whole lot of Richmond is still undecided over who will get their vote for mayor. If you are looking for something to help break the 5 way tie in your mind maybe it will help to know the content of a candidate's playlist? Just what was it playing in the background while they were rehearsing for the recent debate? Was that really our potential future mayor you saw at the last No BS Brass Band show? Are arts and music programs essential to their education plan for the city? Read along to find out! Thanks again to Don Harrison of Open Source RVA for getting these answers.

This week we hear from Jack Berry.


What music are you currently listening to?

Well I’m a Dave Mathews band groupie. I’ve been to 30 or 40 concerts. I listen to that a lot. You know I like the Lumineers a lot, too. I missed the concert here because I was a bit preoccupied.  

Any local artists that you enjoy?

My favorite is No BS Brass Band. They are just amazing. They are pure Richmond and so energetic and so talented. Gosh they’re our house band.

What song or artist do you put on to get pumped? 

Ants Marching by Dave Matthews Band.

And what do you listen to when you want to relax?

Maybe Earl Klugh or jazz.

When you win the election what band is going to play your inauguration party?

Gosh you think No BS would play? That’s who I’d go to first.

What’s the role of music and arts programming to you in public education?

It’s the way a lot of kids really get excited about school in general. It’s a way they tap into their creatives skills, and it’s a way for a lot of kids to see the value of education and be energized and motivated to be good students. It’s incredibly valuable in our schools. And this is an arts town. This is an awesome musical arts town and we just need to celebrate that in everything we do because it is one of our biggest strengths.

Were you in band in school and if so what instrument did you play? 

I took Flutophone and I don’t think I passed.  The one regret I have is that my mother didn’t force me to take piano lessons because I really wish I had a musical talent even if it was just a little bit of something. But I have none and I regret that.

What radio station is your car receiver tuned to?

I listen to NPR and that’s about it.


Questions and article by Sean Lovelace, WRIR 97.3 FM DJ, Cosmic Slop

Interview by Don Harrison, WRIR 97.3 FM Host of Open Source RVA

Edited by Melissa Vaughn