ChamberWorks RVA Mayoral Shade

I have now watched the debate twice and am not sure if it did anything to help the 38% of undecided voters; however, it definitely had some oldie-but-goodie-throwback shade. If you are DYING to know all of the things, I collected headlines of all candidates and posted it over here. Also, if you feel like this forum was light on policy, be sure to check out some of the candidate questionnaires. Since there was SO MUCH shade, here is a quick guide with links to various resources to provide background to the candidate's jabs.

Levar Stoney

Stoney was questioned by the FBI about a 2005 tire slashing incident in Wisconsin that he knew about. In addition, he allegedly lied to the FBI about having knowledge of the incident. 

Michelle Mosby

Mosby launched the first attack ad of this election. She also filed bankruptcy in 2002 and 2010.

Jon Baliles

Jon Baliles on left at Governer's mansion.

Jon Baliles on left at Governer's mansion.

Mosby threw out the link between Jon Baliles and his father who was a former governor of Virginia. No link for this shade... just the adorable picture above. 

Jack Berry

Berry was tied to his involvement with Shockoe Stadium and his support for other projects such as Redskins Training Camp. A few times, 6th Street Marketplace was mentioned and Berry cited his experience in the city finance department and as deputy city manager. 

Joe Morrissey

This one is a lot going on so here is a timeline and a photo collection of his past. Stoney brought up Morrissey's past bribery charges that were dismissed. Mosby's attack ad was about his Sexual Misconduct Trial and Alford Plea