Happy Council Monday, RVA!

Council is back tonight and, of course, I am stoked! For those who aren't familiar with me yet, City Council night is when I watch my stories and everyone leaves me alone. It's glorious. We are down to one formal meeting a month now, so savor this moment with me, folks. 

Here's tonight's AGENDAConsent Agenda is a whole bunch of non-controversial Ordinances and Resolutions that are mainly regarded as helpful and not likely to ruffle feathers. ORD. 2016-247 This one is to allow the City to accept a donation to help us set up an Emergency Weather Alert System. Definitely useful and non-controversial. RES. 2016-R045, in a nutshell, is a much needed financial accountability Resolution that has been around since June. Patrons are, unsurprisingly, Agelasto (5th District), Baliles (1st), and Samuels (2nd). Tonight's your night, gents! Maybe. Sometimes things get continued last minute. That's just the way it is, baby.

The Regular Agenda tonight includes such gems as ORD. 2016-033, which is not going to take any more guff from employees trying to impede the investigations of the Office of the City Auditor! This Ordinance has been kicking around since February. 

                    NO MORE GUFF, I SAY! 

                    NO MORE GUFF, I SAY! 

ORD. 2016-248 is about $3M and the Monroe Park Conservancy. This is a subject that makes people very cranky. Ah, and here lies the ancient text of RES. 2015-R064, the "let's see if maybe it is doable to set up a possible program that might help panhandlers get jobs" Resolution. It's been hustlin' for change since November 2015. 

I am sure the public will be commenting on things, as they always do and should continue to or begin to do so. Your voice matters!

Richmond City Council meets in Council Chambers at City Hall, 900 E Broad Street, 2nd Floor. 

Join in the fun! Watch on WCVW Ch. 24 on cable/Ch. 57 on ye olde antenna. You can Live Stream or you can pop on down to City Hall and see it all in person. Don't forget to follow along with us on Twitter @rvadirt #rvacouncil!