14th Annual General Gabriel Celebration- 10/9/2016

On October 9th, Richmonders gathered for the 14th annual General Gabriel Celebration at the African Ancestral Burial Ground. The event was to honor and celebrate Gabriel Prosser who lead a slave rebellion and was executed in Richmond in 1800. In addition, it was the official community reveal for the Untold RVA site beautification, signage and cellphone tour project.

The Defenders for Freedom, Justice and Equality are unifying the community to push back on the city's development plans for the historical site and present the Sacred Ground Historical Reclamation Project. Be sure to review their proposal to cultivate the area as a community space to appropriately reflect on the historical events that took place, the lives that were lost, and the brave people who led the charge. I also encourage you to endorse the project on their website and speak to your local councilperson and candidates. 

Below are some of the photos from the event yesterday (thank you Donna!). If anyone else has pictures they would like to share, please send them to rvadirt@gmail.com