11.20.2017 #RPSBoard Meeting


Y'all... maybe I am reading too much into this agenda but I feel like we are about to get some exciting news about a superintendent tomorrow at the RPS Board Meeting. Here is the basis of my theory: 

11.20.2017 RPS Board Agenda posted on Board Docs

11.20.2017 RPS Board Agenda posted on Board Docs

  1. The meeting is going to be in City Council Chambers instead of up on the 17th floor. Maybe a better photo op spot? Definitely better audio. 
  2. They are opening the meeting with the standard pledge/agenda/minutes routine but then going into closed session IMMEDIATELY after. I can't think of another time I have seen closed session at the beginning of the night.... usually they adjourn to closed session. 
  3. The third item on the agenda is a recognition for... check this out... the SUPERINTENDENT SEARCH COMMITTEE!!! So, we know they have done SOMETHING to be recognized for on Monday. 

Well anyway... that is just my speculation. We will see what happens tomorrow. Even if I am wrong about my superintendent theory, tomorrow's board meeting is critical because the board needs to take action on a facilities plan. A few weeks ago, Stoney criticized RPS Board for missing the October 16th deadline for an updated facilities plan. On November 6, Interim Superintendent Kranz presented a high-level overview of the facilities plan and concluded with the next step to be for him to present options to the board at the November 20th meeting. So that means tomorrow is the long awaited day when the newest school board will finally receive facilities options. 

Not only is budget season imminent, but the school modernization referendum will be working its way through the General Assembly. The sooner a solid facilities plan is passed, the sooner we can  work on tacking the issues and challenges to making the plan become a reality. For more information, Richmond Forward has a detailed piece on the urgency to pass a facilities plan in 2017. 


Date: September 18th

Time: 6:00PM

Location: City Hall, 900 E. Broad Street, Council Chambers 2nd Floor

RVA Council Meeting Tips are good for RPS Board too! 


  • Opening
  • Closed Session
  • Recognition
    • Superintendent Search Committee
  • Public Information
  • Discuss the legislative package
  • Administration Business
    • Receive a draft of a full facilities plan
    • Discuss proposed Boys & Girls Club facility at Woodville Elementary School
  • Board Action Items
    • Receive for action change orders for Overby-Sheppard Elementary School renovations
    • Receive for action the Human Resources Actions
  • New business
  • Adjournment

7th District #RPSBoard Vacancy


On September 5th, 7th District School Board member Nadine Marsh-Carter resigned. The vacancy will be filled by temporary appointment until a November 2018 election. Interested candidates must apply by 9/29 at noon with a letter of interest and resume submitted to School Board Clerk. The Board's notice of vacancy can be found below.


TAKE NOTICE that the School Board of the City of Richmond is seeking candidates for the interim appointment of the Seventh District School Board seat to fill the vacancy due the resignation of School Board Member Nadine Marsh-Cater on September 5, 2017.  The selected candidate will serve until the certification of the results of a special election in November 2018.


Eligible persons must (1) be registered voters in the City of Richmond; and (2) reside in the Seventh District.  Applicants must submit (either in electronic or hard copy form) a letter of interest and a resume to include the home address and telephone number of the candidate to the School Board Clerk, Mrs. Angela Wilson, no later than 12:00 Noon on September 29, 2017.  Candidate submissions received after that time will not be considered.  The School Board Clerk can be reached at awilson9@rvaschools.net or 301 North Ninth Street, 17th Floor, Richmond, Virginia 23219 or (804) 780-7716.  All candidates meeting eligibility and deadline requirements will be interviewed as provided below.  Questions regarding the selection process should be directed to the School Board Clerk.


Selection Timeline:


September 29, 2017:    Deadline for candidate submissions no later than 12:00 Noon.


October 2, 2017:          Interviews of candidates by School Board and public hearing to receive citizen comment on candidates for interim appointment during School Board meeting.


October 16, 2017:        Vote on interim appointment during regular School Board meeting.


October 17, 2017:        Interim appointment takes oath of office (Tentative Date).