Dirty Dancing Continues

A couple days after we posted all the links we could find about Dallas Dance, Carol Wolfe yet again hit MVP status with a post including FOIA request with Dance's contract with RPS. BUT WAIT, there is more! Then Baltimore Sun came out with another article about an on-going investigation focused on Dance's involvement with companies contracted by BCPS. At this point, 2 RPS Board members come out making a statement about the lack of transparency around Dance's contract. 



First of all, neither of those articles mentioned Dance's contract with RPS so why are they suddenly reacting now? Why not react to the September 10th post on SOS, my post that showed the check registry, or Carol Wolfe's post with the actual contract? Suddenly, a Baltimore Sun article prompts two School Board members to post about transparency within 16 minutes of either. Yeah, okay. 

Second of all, I am not convinced this is the end of the story. If you read Carol Wolfe's post, she mentioned that Interim Superintendent Tommy Kranz claims RPS parted ways with Dance after two months. However, check out the contract. The contract (which does not mention cost of the contract) is dated to be for September 1st-December 31st. This contract would have JUST started. 



In addition, per my earlier post, Dallas Dance worked at MGT Consulting through August. The DDance Group is a new LLC he started in September. You can also see in the check registry that a $12,500 check was cut to MGT Consulting on 8/22/2017. Are these two separate contracts? Are they separate purposes? What is the real story? 



In another post, Board Member Menz-Erb stated that she was not aware of Dance's hiring until after the contract was signed and placed blame on RPS Administration for the lack of transparency. 



In my opinion, this isn't a "legslation" issue. Time and time again, this board has been less than transparent. From when they chose to separate from Dr. Bedden to choosing his replacement in the middle of the night and to starting a conversation about facilities at George Mason Elementary late in the summer. To all Richmond elected officials: stop throwing blame everywhere else and focus on addressing the issues. At the end of the day, I don't really care whose fault it was IF it gets fixed and the taxpayers of Richmond have answers.