Reading the #RPSBoard Tea Leaves

The Richmond School Board has been quiet in the days following Bedden's departure; however, below are links and excerpts from interviews with the Richmond Times Dispatch from the election. 


1st District Interview

2nd District Interview 

4th District Interview

5th District Interview

6th District Interview

7th District Interview

8th District Interview

9th District Interview 

What is your opinion of Superintendent Dana Bedden’s tenure and do you intend to support him if elected?


Doerr: There are challenging dynamics on the School Board and in City Hall and it is difficult to assess anyone’s job performance under the current conditions. It will be my goal to work with the Board and Superintendent to enhance communication, foster good relationships and improve student outcomes.


 Barlow: Our schools need stable, effective and accountable leadership, so I plan to support Dr. Bedden. If we have allies willing to collaborate with a shared vision for RPS in the community, mayor’s office, city council and school board, our schools will be well positioned for sustainable improvement.

 Young: I have conversed with scores of teachers who are not supportive of Bedden because he never addresses the chronic problem of teacher turnover and that administrators micromanage teachers forcing them to teach from the same curriculum, same lesson plans, teaching to the test. I will vote to remove Bedden because I prioritize teachers.

 Sapini: Dr. Bedden became the head of a school system with many decade long challenges. I will support him as long as he is meeting the objectives of the RPS School Board in overcoming these decade old problems.

 Cosby: The district’s declining academic performance is gravely concerning. As a Board member, I will have access to information to better analyze issues to implement change. I will support any administrator who sets high expectations, demonstrates commitment to student achievement and acts with urgency.

Marsh-Carter: It is troubling that several RPS outcomes have become worse during Dr. Bedden’s tenure. However, many of the challenges are systemic, long term issues. I support the School Board setting clear outcome goals to which Dr Bedden’s administration would be held accountable within a specific time frame

 Page: As the employer of the Superintendent, the Board should maintain a relationship of respect, accountability, and fiscal responsibility. The assessment of a superintendent’s performance is outcome based. I support a leader who creates an environment of support focused on educating the whole child.

 Baker: I think he’s trying and we need to give him more time, but he needs to hold his employees to a high standard.