JoMo: a history in headlines

There was a brief moment of panic on Twitter today when a screenshot of Joe Morrissey's campaign page showed an updated profile picture with a caption about running for mayor of Richmond. Just when we all were convinced this man seriously announced a #rvamayor2020 bid... I checked the edit history. JoMo is just REALLY bad at Facebook I guess. When he updated the profile picture, it left the old caption from 2016 which he updated shortly after to just say "Attorney Joe Morrisey." 

Screenshot from his campaign website showing the updated photo with caption announcement. 

Screenshot from his campaign website showing the updated photo with caption announcement. 

Screenshot of the post's edit history

Screenshot of the post's edit history

For that brief moment of time when we thought we were stuck in a warped version of Groundhogs Day where JoMo keeps running for office... someone asked the question of what it would take for people to forgive/accept Joe Morrissey and let him move on. Fair question. And since we are already here... I am going to finish my answer. 

My issue with JoMo isn't JUST what he did and that he denies it/won't apologize... it is that he does not stop. Last year, I compiled a list of all the times the RVA Mayor candidates had made headlines in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. I have included (and made current) the Joe Morrissey headlines below. When you go through this list, you will see that time and time again Joe is involved in a wide variety of questionable (this is the understatement of the year by the way) situations. While some are the same type of issues popping up... the only real common theme is that it never seems to end with him. He is always the center of some type of soap opera-esque saga. There is always another ethics scandal or violation or allegations of misconduct or whatever it is this week. SO. In my opinion, it isn't enough it just issue an apology. If Joe were to insist on continuing to run for public office, I would hope he could show the public that he accepts responsibility for his actions, understands why the things he did were wrong, and that he made corrective actions to change his behavior.

SIDENOTE: If you want some good listening... check out Don Harrison's interview with Joe Morrissey on WRIR's Open Source RVA.  SPOILER ALERT: Don asks Joe if he is a sex addict. 

JOE MORRISSEY: a history in headlines

2/8/89: Morrissey to open drive for city post

3/7/89: Davis, Morrissey, El-Amin trade barbs

4/18/89: Morrissey charged three times with assualt between 1983-1987

4/28/89: Morrissey says he was not fired as city prosecutor

5/2/89: Morrissey outspends Davis by 8-to-1

5/8/89: Morrissey campaign slogan 'all too true,' lawyer says

5/16/89: Morrissey, Richardson enliven Maymont debate

5/21/89: Morrissey collects most delegate votes

5/22/89: Morrissey's win over Davis likely to draw new foes

6/6/89: Morrissey outspent Davis 5 to 1 in nomination battle

6/20/89: Morrissey reports theft from his auto

10/3/89: Morrissey, Kaestner remain biggest spenders in race

10/4/89: Morrissey outspending his opponents

10/17/89: Morrissey, Kaestner say more black prosecutors are needed

10/18/89: Morrissey gains endorsements

10/18/89: Morrissey receives backing of Crusade

10/31/89: Morrissey outspends opponents

11/8/89: Morrissey to enlish Davis' help

11/8/89: Morrissey winner. Alderman runner-up

12/21/89: Morrissey to stop defending cases here

12/21/89: Morrissey calls order 'much ado about little'

12/22/89: Morrissey is defending suspect believed member of drug gang

1/2/90: Some colleagues view Morrissey with 'fright'

1/3/90: Morrissey outlines 90-day plan to make job, aides more visible

2/15/90: Defense attorney wants Morrissey off murder case

2/21/90: Morrissey prohibited from prosecuting city man in slaying

2/21/90: Judge disqualifies Morrissey as prosecutor in murder case

3/8/90: Judge disqualifies Morrissey, staff noted in drug case

3/11/90: Morrissey on other side this time

3/13/90: Woman sues Morrissey in effort to recover fee

6/20/90: Morrissey's action on art challenged

7/20/90: Morrissey told to take ethics course

7/20/90: Morrissey's course resolved complaint

9/11/90: Morrissey misdeed alleged in motion by Gray lawyer

9/13/90: Panel of state bar dismisses Morrissey ethics allegations

9/13/90: Morrissey faces bar ethics panel

9/14/90: Ethics panel dismisses case against Morrissey

9/25/90: Morrissey's role in case pondered

10/5/90: Judge says Morrissey erred. Verdict stands

12/18/90: Morrissey is sued by former client

12/18/90: Suit against Morrissey nears trial

12/20/90: Jury may decide whether Morrissey pays. Morrissey awaiting decision

12/21/90: Morrissey, former client agree to settle dispute

1/10/91: Morrissey to push in assembly for stricter gun-control laws

1/11/91: Morrissey asks assembly to pass gun law initiatives

1/31/91: Morrissey's mistakes

2/5/91: Threat leads Morrissey to get permit

2/10/91: Officials hang tough under fire. Morrissey defends tactics, says record is vincidation

2/23/91: Parents of former client file suit against Morrissey over charge

2/24/91: Couple sues Morrissey, alleges fraud over fees

2/26/91: Court records support and rebut Morrissey lawsuit

3/1/91: U.S. judge rejects Morrissey appeal in art gallery case

3/12/91: Morrissey's Mistakes II

4/11/91: Morrissey reneged on deal, slaying suspends lawyer says

4/11/91: Testimony agreement is disputed. Effort seeks to hold Morrissey to deal

4/19/91: Lawyer quits case to confront Morrissey from witness stand

6/29/91: Morrissey to face contempt charges

6/29/91: Morrissey due in court over letter

7/4/91: Morrissey-Driscoll war of words has erupted on two more fronts

7/4/91: Former foe to defend Morrissey

7/9/91: Court to be asked to appoint judge for Morrissey case

7/9/91: Morrissey case will get a new judge

7/12/91: Morrissey to pay fees in lawsuit by art gallery

7/12/91: Lancaster judge appointed to decide Morrissey case

7/13/91: Morrissey's office to pay fees in gallery suit

7/19/91: Morrissey would write ltter again

7/19/91: Judge convicts Morrissey of contempt

8/12/91: If contempt case for Morrissey is tried, it will be held Aug. 23

8/13/91: Morrissey appeal set for Aug. 23. Settlement urged

8/23/91: Morrissey explains intent of his letter

8/23/91: ACLU supports Morrissey in clash with Judge Driscoll

8/24/91: Morrissey gets five-day term in contempt-of-court conviction

8/24/91: Morrissey contempt conviction upheld

8/31/91: Eck can pay meeting fees, Morrissey says

9/11/91: Lawyer's billing outrages Morrissey

10/12/91: Morrissey seeks furniture work $16,000

10/12/91: Morrissey defends plan to buy furniture

10/25/91: Morrissey retreats on office refitting. He decided to get cheaper furniture

10/25/91: Morrissey disputes office furniture cost

11/18/91: Take complaint to bar, judge tells Morrissey

12/19/91: Morrissey, Baugh in brawl

12/20/91: Courthouse hallways fray pits Morrissey, Baugh in brawl

12/23/91: City Sherrif's letter calls on Morrissey to resign his post

12/24/91: Morrissey dismisses comment

12/31/91: Record backs him, Morrissey says

1/3/92: Morrissey, Baugh face revocation of appeals bails

1/3/92: Morrissey laments news coverage. Says one newspaper left his girlfriend crying

1/3/92: Morrissey helped produce supportive letter to newspaper

1/4/92: Judge requests answers. Morrissey, Baugh have till Wednesday

1/8/92: Morrissey, baugh to offer regrets

1/9/92: Morrissey, baugh get 5-day sentences. They apologize, but only to judge

1/9/92: Ethics allegation compouds Morrissey's legal problems

1/11/92: Morrissey to be released from jail early. Only half of term served under good-time rules

1/11/92: Morrissey set to leave city jail

1/11/92: Morrissey apologizes for misbehavior

1/13/92: Subdued Morrissey released from jail

1/13/92: Morrissey returns to work, but jail is still topic

1/16/92: 3 judges get job of ruling on Morrissey

1/18/92: Morrissey counters lawsuit by couple

1/22/92: Morrissey countersuit is rejected by judge

1/23/92: Morrissey's claim rejected by judge

1/28/92: Morrissey is faulted as verdict is reversed

2/12/92: Judge blasts Morrissey in letter. Using court involved 'subterfuge,' Judge says

2/12/92: Judge condemns Morrissey, aids for rehersal trial

2/18/92: Trial over couple's suit against Morrissey begins

2/19/92: Two says Morrissey sought unnecessary fee

2/19/92: Morrissey fraud trial centers on who suggested retainer

2/20/92: Jury finds Morrissey did not defraud man's family

2/20/92: Morrissey says couple wanted to pay for defense

2/20/92: Don't judge Morrissey by events of one case

2/21/92: Easy' decision: jury rejects Morrissey fraud cause allegations

3/3/92: Morrissey rebuked for courthouse brawl

3/4/92: Morrissey avoids revocation of license, accepts reprimand. He vows to 'turn the other cheek' in the future

3/4/92: Morrissey vows no repeat of fight, receives reprimand

3/12/92: Suit accuses Morrissey over bail denial

3/12/92: Suit says Morrissey violated Man's rights

3/30/92: Morrissey's office space bid rejected

4/10/92: Drama deepens in 70th. Morrissey probe, El-Amin suit begin

4/11/92: Morrissey lears Larry Wilder, Owens

5/1/92: Judge seeks probe of Morrissey. Case involving state Senator's grandson at issue

5/8/92: Dismissal of case is not his fault, Morrissey says

5/8/92: Murder charge dropped in Morrissey's absence

5/15/92: Morrissey invitation not entirely welcome

5/16/92: Morrissey puts himself on school lecture circuit

6/23/92: Lawsuit against Morrissey rejected

7/7/92: Morrissey letter draws investigation

7/7/92: Prosecutors announce resignations. Three will leave Morrissey's staff by end of month

9/30/92: Prosecutor weighs probe of bureau. Morrissey reviews visitor agency audit

10/5/92:Morrissey targets high rents

10/7/92:Audit may result in charges. Morrissey conducting visitors bureau probe

10/10/92: Prosecutor seeks "corner" on TV. Council to consider Morrissey request for weekly one-hour cable program

11/25/92: Morrissey urges new Hopkins trial. He attained conviction in 1990 case

12/6/92: Convenience store clerk shot in January theft dies. Morrissey plans to seek indictment for capital murder

12/15/92: Judge awards Morrissey legal fees

12/17/92: Lawsuit filed by Morrissey withdrawn

1/15/93: Morrissey show debuts with plea for information

1/19/93: Morrissey assistant to seek nomination

1/22/93: Morrissey Grand Marshall

3/9/93: Ministers endorse Hicks as prosecutor. Conference backed Morrissey in 1989

3/10/93: Morrissey plans to seek second term

3/26/93:Letters helping opponent of Morrissey's stir rebuke

3/31/93:Court upholds Morrissey's conviction letter to judge

4/6/93:Bar association endorses Hicks. Criminal attorneys pass over Morrissey

4/17/93:Morrissey effort admits error

4/20/93: Morrissey announces campaign committee

4/22/93: Morrissey's reponse stirs accusation

4/27/93: Morrissey runs on his record. Challenger hicks cites killings

5/5/93: Hicks and Morrissey file expense reports

5/14/93: Morrissey, Hicks view 'experience'. Prosecutor's record vs. street education

5/16/93: Hicks, Morrissey to talk to Jaycees on Tuesday

5/19/93: Hicks, Morrissey campaign boils over. Victim's mother enters the fray

5/22/93: Police lodge supports Morrissey. Both candidates' qualifications touted

5/23/93: Morrissey target of state probe. Aide defends handing of funds in case

5/25/93: Morrissey defends payment in case

5/27/93: Morrissey, Hicks exchange barbs at candidate's forum

5/28/93: Morrissey slide show criticized. Complaint says child abuse victim were indentifiable

5/29/93: Stop using slides, says Oksman. Morrissey warned of effects

6/2/93: Bold is best, Morrissey says. His foe, Hicks, seeks rashess

6/3/93: Fund-raising surge lets Hicks match Morrissey

6/5/93: Morrissey is indicted on 5 counts. He says it's 'political,' vows to 'stand tall'

6/5/93: Morrissey is indicted on 5 counts. Extend, severity of the charges shock lawyers

6/6/93: Morrissey challenges jury action. Grand juror is volunteer with the Hicks campaign

6/7/93: What to make of this Morrissey mess

6/7/93: Morrissey attacks reimbursement. Incument cites $119 as conflict-of-interest, while opponent calls the payment routine

6/10/93: Morrissey's day in court. Prosecutor seeks dismissal of charges facing him

6/11/93: Judge suspends Morrissey. Prosecutor's chief deputy, William Parcell, named to fill job

6/11/93: Pride, pugnacity have sustained Morrissey

6/12/93: Morrissey violated conditions of bond

6/15/93: Appeals panel to rule today on reinstating Morrissey

6/16/93: Morrissey reinstated as city's prosecutor. He can return to office but with some limitation

6/22/93: Morrissey forced again from office. Judges respond to staff revolt

6/24/93: Morrissey wants trial by city jury

7/1/93: Morrissey files to get reinstated

7/3/93: Court rejects Morrissey plea to be reinstated

7/13/93: Prosecutor seeks to move Morrissey trial out of city

7/17/93: Morrissey will face three trials. August date is set for bribery hearing

7/21/93: Morrissey petitions high court

7/22/93: Court to hear Morrissey's request for reinstatement

7/29/93: Legality of suspension of Morrissey is argued

7/31/93: Morrissey is reinstated by court. He'll resume duties Monday. Still faces trial

8/1/93: Morrissey may stay home despite victory

8/3/93: Morrissey steps aside temporarily

8/4/93: Morrissey contempt conviction stands

8/10/93: Papers seek to ban lawyer. Morrissey moves to disqualify prosecutor

8/11/93: Cable TV show started by Morrissey cancelled

8/12/93: Produce guns, judge tells Morrissey. Pair of missing assault weapons were borrowed from a state agency

8/14/93: Morrissey attorneys surprised. Witness denies threats from special prosecutor

8/17/93: Trial opens for city prosecutor. Morrissey didn't mention $25,000 payment, victim says

8/17/93: For friends, foes alike, Morrissey trial is great theater

8/18/93: Lawyer tells of plea accord in rape case. He, Morrissey disagreed on details

8/18/93: Playing the game by Morrissey rules

8/19/93: She thought money would help. Prisoner's mother donated to Morrissey

8/20/93: Morrissey denies any wrong doing. 'I'm proud' of the way rape settlement was handled, he says

8/21/93: Morrissey not guilty of bribery. Deliberation on 3 counts lasts barely 90 minutes

8/21/93: Morrissey not guilty of bribery. Jurors: political overtones of case hurt prosecution

8/21/93: What's next for Morrissey?

8/22/93: Little-used law basis for pact. Deal led to counts against Morrissey

8/23/93: Morrissey to stay off job, attend to charges

8/23/93: For Friends, Foes, Trial was Joe-Fest. Will Morrissey's Path Lead to City Council?"

9/1/93: Oksam memo accuses Morrissey

9/3/93: Oksam wrong, Morrissey lawyer says. Letter city attorney wrote is called full of inaccuracies

9/9/93: Morrissey hearing continued. Delay gives attorney more time to prepare

10/7/93: Judge returns Morrissey to jail

10/12/93: Morrissey to return to work. 'I'm doing what I think is in the best interests of the city'

10/13/93: Morrissey returns to work. At day's end no one had quit. Commonwealth's attorney cits lack of leadership in absence

10/14/93: HE'S BAAAAAAACK!"

10/14/93: Morrissey assistant resignes. Some sorces say act was due to return

10/17/93: Morrissey hires Chesterfield's Former Commonwealth's Attorney

10/19/93: Another Morrissey assistant resigns. Shaia says he can't work for a defendant

11/5/93: Prosecutor to be witness? Gilmore might be called in Morrissey's upcoming trial

11/12/93: Hicks selects 5 attorneys as deputies. Two once worked in Morrissey's office

11/20/93: Morrissey will not be tried for perjury in gift reports

11/21/93: Morrissey demands day in court. He's outraged over dismissal of charge

11/23/93: Seek vindication or move?

12/1/93: Pugilistic prosecutor jabs press, Terry, Parcess. Morrissey shares plans, views with journalists

12/8/93: Saw no conflict, Morrissey swears. Victim, judge were not told about deal

12/9/93: Morrissey's law license suspended. He says judges' ethics ruling can't apply pending appeal

12/10/93: Morrisey at office. Is he still in office?

12/14/93: Morrissey seeks to continue duties during appeal

12/16/93: Morrissey out of office, at least for now

12/17/93: Morrissey 'thrilled' at ruling he can stay on to finish job supreme court stays license removal

12/21/93: Ex-aid to prosecutor says she did campaign work

12/22/93: 5th Morrissey felony count is dismissed 'I'm just savoring this final victory'

4/2/94: Heroin suspect had gun in locker. Morrissey reported UZI was missing

6/7/94: Morrissey court absence debates he attended wedding during client's life-death hearing

6/8/94: At Morrissey's Appeal Hearing, Spirit and Letter of Rule Debated

9/17/94: Morrissey suspension is upheld. He lost his law license for six months over his handling of plea

11/4/94: Morrissey law license suspension set. He hopes it will be less than 6 months

12/29/94: Cut Suspension, Morrissey Asks

1/5/95: Vick says Morrissey disclosed probe data

1/6/95: Morrissey denies disclosure breach. Apologize or file charge, he tells Vick

1/11/95: Vick copmlaint is targeted at Morrissey

1/12/95: Morrissey, Vick trade legal shots

2/16/95: Two spar over ethics complaints. Lawyers for Morrissey, Vick at odds

4/5/95: Bar agreement cuts ties Morrissey has to old firm

8/7/95: Morrissey takes issue with news story's language

9/9/95: Morrissey and partner sued

8/2/96: More than meets the eye? Morrissey says it's lucky client was drunk

1/25/97: Lawyer disputes Olivr on probe. Morrissey says prosecutor told him three times officials were looking for government corruption

1/28/97: Morrissey was boss of Trono. They'll be opponents in Joel Harris case

2/13/97: Lawyer to face charges. Morrissey headed to court over contempt allegations

2/20/97: Harris is arraigned. Morrissey admonished

2/21/97: Morrissey takes on Prince William case. He'll defend teen charged in slaying

2/22/97: Morrissey contempt trial to be april 24

4/10/97: Trial for Morrissey now set for July 29th

4/29/97: Morrissey motion answered. Prosecutor rejects Harris' 'Real Claim'

5/14/97: Busy in other courts, says Morrissey of missed dates

6/24/97: Morrissey request denied. Hired-attorney status stands in Harris case

10/21/97: Morrissey is cited for contempt

10/28/97: Morrissey trial is set. Lawyer is charged with court contempt

11/1/97: Judge's contempt verdict: Guilty. He says Morrissey used the wrong court

2/24/98: U.S. wants Morrissey jailed 6 months. It'll also ask 3-year bar to practicing law

2/25/98: Morrissey sentenced to 90 days in jail. Suspended 2 years from federal court

8/8/98: Williamsburg judge cites Morrissey for contempt

8/18/98: Judge is asked to revoke Morrissey bond. Williams act is cited. Lawyer called recidivist

9/24/98: Judge orders Morrissey to class

10/29/98: Rule faces trial with Morrissey

2/12/99: Morrissey jail term for contempt upheld

2/25/99: Morrissey lawyers to fight jailing

3/5/99: Morrissey to remain free pending appeal

4/21/99: Morrissey citation upheld

6/8/99: Morrissey to start serving 30-day contempt sentence

6/12/99: Morrissey goes to county jail

6/13/99: Change to sentence sought. Lawyer seens work release or house arrest for Morrissey, calls judge biased

6/19/99: Morrissey to remain jailed for contempt. Judge denies former prosecutor's bail request

6/25/99: Morrissey is free, but for how long

6/30/99: Surrender July 13, Morrissey ordered

7/1/99: Lawyer backs Morrissey tactics

7/4/99: Morrissey is accused in beating. He allegedly broke nose of man doing work for associate

7/5/99: Morrissey is jailed on contempt charge. Bond breach stems from alleged attack hearing tomorrow

7/7/99: Judge jails Morrissey for contempt. Defense lawyer may face charges in alleged assault

7/8/99: Ring not found at Morrissey home

7/9/99: Morrissey due in court today in assault case

7/9/99: Morrissey's back at it, along with others

7/10/99: Morrissey pleads not guilty, will go to trial Aug. 24

7/20/99: Attorney outlines Morrissey's strategy for trial

8/20/99: Morrissey trial date rescheduled

8/25/99: Morrissey bond is $25,000. Witness saw pushing, shoving in altercation

8/28/99: Morrissey asks judge to quit case

9/16/99: Morrissey's license in jeopardy?

9/23/99: Judge for Morrissey trial refuses to disqualify herself

9/30/99: Selection of jury is going slowly in Morrissey case

10/1/99: Man testifies about alleged attack. Said he didn't expect fight with Morrissey

10/2/99: Morrissey fight described. Wittness: victim's head not slammed into door

10/5/99: Fought to defend self, says Morrissey. Tells jury Wycoff was angry with him

10/6/99: Jury in Morrissey case to begin deliberations today

10/7/99: Morrissey jury to resume talks

10/8/99: Morrissey convicted of lesser charge. Lawyer fined $2,500 in assault on worker

10/13/99: Morrissey is issued 2 traffic citations in motorcycle case

10/14/99: Wycoff sues Morrissey over fight

11/25/99: Morrissey files suit in fight case

12/22/99: Morrissey found guilty of speeding

12/29/99: VA. Bar disciplinary proceedings under way. Morrissey accused of violating 4 rules for lawyers

12/30/99: Morrissey law license suspended three years. He violated VA. Bar disciplinary rules

2/29/00: Morrissey community service disputed. Prosecutors accuse him of trying to fake completion

8/16/00: Morrissey is convicted in U.S. Court

8/17/00: Joe Morrissey's latest visit to the principal's office

8/22/00: The tragedy of Joe Morrissey, a comedy in several acts

9/2/00: Morrissey day in court delayed

9/6/00: Morrissey headed back to jail. Judge imposes 90-day penalty in U.S. Prison

9/26/00: Defamation suit planned by Morrissey. Construction supervisor his target

1/18/01: Lawyer drops appeal. Morrissey serving 3-year suspension

1/27/01: Morrissey drops lawsuit against 3

9/4/01: Dublin school hires Morrissey. He'll teach jury-trial tactics

1/5/02: Federal Judges disbar Morrissey. Unethical conduct, disobedience cited

7/17/02: Morrissey civil trial begins in Henrico, Ex-Prosecutor sued over assault

7/19/02: Jury orders Morrissey to pay $1 Million

10/30/02: Lawyer's license may be revoked. State Bar plans Morrissey hearing

4/29/03: Morrissey's law license revoked. Appeal to VA. Supreme Court planned

5/15/06: Fighting Joe is back in town

5/8/07: Morrissey joins race in 74th, declaring 'Joe's Back!"

6/1/07: Morrissey returns to run for delegate

6/8/07: Morrissey awaits ruling after 2-day hearing on debt

6/9/07: Disbarred lawyer targeted in mailer

6/14/07: Morrissey draws closer to delevates seat. Candidate's message of perserverance helped him win primary, adviser says

6/14/07: Morrissey wins in primary was razor thin

11/7/07: Some savor victories; others have to bid adieu. Morrissey, Loupassi celebrate; Waddell resumes 'normal life'

3/28/08: Morrissey sues ex-associate in alleged theft

10/30/08: Delegate's former partner sentenced: Ex-associate of Morrissey will serve 28 months for guilty plea on 14 counts

2/22/09: Gerien H. 'Gary' Wycoff dies at 52. He successfully sued Morrissey over a fight over contracting work

3/14/09: Morrissey shows why he remains a fan faborite

3/31/09: Delegate accuses Style of libel

4/10/09: Business man plans to challenge Morrissey

9/5/09: Morrissey to pedal 74 miles through 74th to kick off re-election bid

12/17/09: Morrissey criticizes Verizon at rally protesting job cuts at company

2/25/10: Morrissey buys Wilder desk at Capitol furnishings auction

4/13/10: Morrissey, Style Weekly settle $10 million libel lawsuit

8/8/10: Morrissey seeks reinstatement of state law license

9/17/10: Morrissey calls for liquor-privatization referendum

9/27/10: Morrissey plans to pursue protective-order legislation

12/30/10: Morrissey blasts Marshall

4/22/11: Morrissey seeks to have law license reinstated

4/23/11: Morrissey takes fight for law license to Va. State Bar

5/11/11: Panel rejects law license reinstatement for Morrissey

6/7/11: Morrissey won't take on Marsh in primary

6/7/11: Morrissey will seek another term in House, won't challenge Marsh

12/17/11: Morrissey eligible for law license

12/18/11: Morrissey wants law license back now

12/20/11:Morrissey's reinstatement request unclear

4/27/12: Morrissey's law license restored

6/19/12: Morrissey urges legislative inquiry into U.Va. Turmoil

6/20/12: Morrissey urges legislative inquiry into Sullivan's ouster

1/17/13: Morrissey brings assault weapon onto House flood ahead of gun bills

1/18/13: Morrissey borrowed weapons, alerted Capitol Police

4/13/13: Dance, Morrissey trade charges of Senate ambitions

6/29/13: Morrissey vows to overturn Va. Ban on same-sex marriage

8/29/13: Police investigating Morrissey's ties to teen girl

8/29/13: Attorney: Morrissey discussed legal matter with teen

8/30/13: Henrico prosecutor not stepping aside in Morrissey case

11/19/13: New prosecutor, judge assigned to Morrissey case

5/22/14: Morrissey says stadium plan violates Va. Constitution

6/5/14: Attorney claims Morrissey investigation too aggressive

6/6/14: Grand jury looks at Morrissey case

6/9/14: Hacker apparently placed photos related to Morrissey on teen's phone

6/30/14: Morrissey fires back at charges of illicit relationship

7/1/14: Morrissey indicted on sex charges

7/1/14: Fairfax Democrat Keam urges Morrissey to resign

7/2/14: Morrissey denies sex charges

7/2/14: Fellow Demograt calls on Morrissey to resign

7/19/14: Morrissey pleads not guilty to sexually abusing minor

8/8/14:Morrissey wants prosecutor removed, indictments dismissed

8/9/14: Morrissey seeks case dismissal

8/11/14: Prosecutor: Morrissey turned down misdemeanor offer in sex case

8/29/14: Lawyers: Prosecutor should be removed from Morrissey case

8/30/14: Attorneys allege bias against Morrissey

12/4/14: Morrissey trial to start Dec. 15

12/12/14: Morrissey enters plea, sentences to 12 months with 6 suspended

12/12/14: Victim's family divided over Morrissey conviction

12/13/14: Morrissey, back in his office Saturday, vows revenge

12/13/14: Morrissey to address demands by McAuliffe, Democrats that he resign

12/13/14: Morrissey case divides family of teen

12/14/14: Morrissey withholds decision on whether to quit House

12/14/14: Morrissey vows revenge

12/14/14: Morrissey receives six months in jail

12/15/14: Morrissey mum on House resignation

12/16/14: Schapiro: Running out of friends, Morrissey finds a new one

12/16/14: Challenger backs off Morrissey's recall plan

12/16/14: Editorial: Morrissey tries gator offensive

12/18/14: Howell blasts Morrissey, McAuliffe decries 'circus'

12/18/14: Morrissey resigns, will run in special election; loses work-release privileges

12/19/14: Woman in Morrissey case comes forward

12/19/14: Few Democrats to pick nominee for Morrissey's seat

12/20/14: Morrissey to resign, run in special election ro fill seat

12/21/14: Morrissey will not seek Democratic nod in 74th

12/22/14: Democrats pick Sullivan as nominee for Morrissey's seat

12/23/14: Morrissey announces independenr bid

12/23/14: Ex-union offical wins nod to run for Morrissey's seat

12/29/14: Williams: In Morrissey aftermath, Democrats' process hurts everyone

12/30/14: Morrissey banks on his money advantage in 74th District race

12/31/14: Morrissey has head start in special House election

1/7/15: Prosecutor files bar complaint against Morrissey

1/7/15: Republican seeking Morrissey's seat hopes to rebuild trust

1/8/15: Sullivan's ad featuring young woman's father angers Morrissey

1/8/15: Morrissey keeps his edge in money race

1/10/15: Voters go to polls Tuesday in 'bizarre' contest for Morrissey's seat

1/11/15: Schapiro: Getting answers for getting rid of Morrissey

1/12/15: Morrissey protests search of his office; special election is today

1/13/15: Morrissey protests search of his office

1/13/15: Morrissey wins special election from jail

1/14/15: Scandal: The Morrissey mess

1/14/15: Jailed Morrissey wins special election

1/15/15: Morrissey takes Va. House seat, for now

1/15/15: Williams: For better or worse, the people have spoken on Morrissey

1/15/15: The Morrissey mess

1/16/15: Morrissey victory poses dilemma for Democrats

1/16/15: Wrap-up: Change in the statehouse; VMFA; Joe Morrissey

1/21/15: Morrissey is subject of new felony case

1/22/15: Morrissey hit with new felony charges

1/23/15: Would a new Morrissey trial bring the same old outcome? 

1/30/15: New prosecutor, judge assigned to Morrissey case

2/9/15: Lawmakers shun Morrissey, but sanctions on back burner

2/23/15: Morrissey vows innocense in new case

3/10/15: Morrissey released from jail

3/15/15: Morrissey present as woman in his case gives birth in Ga.

3/16/15: Richmond mayor Young to seek Morrissey's seat

3/21/15: Morrissey confirms run for Dance's Senate seat

3/22/15: Sullivan, Miles endorse Bagby in race for Morrissey's seat

3/23/15: Editorial: Shameless Joe Morrissey refuses to go away

3/24/15: 2 back Bagby for Morrissey's seat

3/25/15: Editorial: Morrissey isn't getting state political leaders' hints

4/6/15: Editorial: Morrissey should know all about tarnishing party brand

4/8/15: Morrissey lawsuit seeks to stop printing of primary ballots

4/9/15: Morrissey sues over Democrats' petition rejection

4/15/15: Judge rejects bid by Morrissey to block printing of primary ballots

4/27/15: Morrissey distorts Dance's record on Medicaid expansion

5/17/15: Morrissey still could face perjury charges

5/21/15: Morrissey acknowledges fathering child

5/22/15: Morrissey makes the Joe Show a family affair

5/22/15: With Morrissey, expect the excessive

6/4/15: Mother of teen who worked for Morrissey cleared

6/7/15: 3 vie for Democratic nomination in Morrissey's old House district

6/13/15: Morrissey case to get another hearing

6/13/15: Bagby and Lambert seek to fill vacancy left by Morrissey

7/22/15: Bagby wins special election for Morrissey's former seat

9/5/15: Morrissey suspends run for Senate

9/11/15: Morrissey quits Senate campaign

9/23/15: Court upholds Morrissey dismissal

9/23/15: Morrissey still on Nov. 3 ballot for Senate seat

12/18/15: Morrissey, engaged, hits at run for mayor

12/24/15: Morrissey plans to seek his House seat as independent

12/27/15: Faces of 2015: Joe Morrissey

2/22/16: Joe Morrissey

3/25/16: Morrissey likely to launch bid next week

4/1/16: Morrissey officially announces Richmond mayoral bid

7/7/16: Morrissey campaign signs hit by vandals

7/10/16: Morrissey's been planning his run for 'several years'

8/17/16: Morrissey comes to Berry's defense in debate over access to voter data

8/24/16: Schintzius suing to get name on ballot

8/30/16: Morrissey gets 28% to lead Richmond mayoral race

8/31/16: Schapiro: Stopping Morrissey may mean culling herd

8/31/16: Morrissey, again

9/1/16: Morrissey names Repp as campaign manager

9/4/16: Morrissey's lead in mayoral poll suggests racial, economic split

9/5/16: Morrissey trial still on track as judge finds no procedural problem

9/22/16: Morrissey gains his first mayoral endorsement

9/24/16: Judge orders digital release of more of Morrisseys 'electronic data'

9/27/16: Morrisey says as mayor, he would remove Davis monument

9/28/16: Morrissey leads, two closer in mayor poll

10/4/16: Opposition expanding against Morrissey

10/6/16: Morrissey decries RTD opinion 

10/11/16: Morrissey will be 'real first black mayor'

10/12/16: Schapiro: Morrissey's shadow looms large over mayoral contest

10/12/16: Mosby goes on attack, rips mayoral rival Morrissey in ad

10/16/16: Morrissey leads mayoral poll, but nearly 40% undecided

10/18/16: PAC opposing Morrissey aids Mosby with ad

10/24/16: Morrissey overplays some info in bashing NFL camp

10/28/16: Morrissey boasts endorsement from 75 'hardworkingwomen'

10/29/16: Musings on Morrissey as RVA's mayor

10/30/16: Morrissey vows to stay in race

11/2/16: Inmate's, deputy's accounts of Morrissey's accuser differ

11/3/16: Morrissey not at news conference to rebut alleged sexual misconduct

11/3/16: Democratic Party to take action against Morrissey over sample ballot flier

11/4/16: Baliles weighs giving mayoral endorsement; Morrissey responds to parting criticism

11/5/16: Prosecutor: Morrissey will not face charges

11/8/16: Morrissey, Berry, Stoney all make final pushes in 3rd, 5th districts

11/9/16: Mayor's race: Morrissey out; Stoney, Berry fight on

11/9/16: Morrissey lost to his biggest foe: himself

1/14/17: Wilder files complaint against Morrissey

4/28/17: August hearing set for State Bar complaints concerning Morrissey

5/9/17: Judge recuses himself from Wilder-Morrissey suit

6/28/17: Morrissey hit with $50 fine as state board attempts to tighten campaign oversight

8/2/17: Former Del. Morrissey facing State Bar ethics investigation

8/3/17: New State Bar charges delay Morrissey trial on Wilder ethics complaint

8/5/17: Editorial: We interrupt this complaint about Joe Morrissey to bring you another complaint about Joe Morrissey

8/23/17: Morrissey drops his suit against Wilder over legal fees

10/25/17: Morrissey files $1.35 million slander lawsuit against local television station, columnist (Mark Holmberg)

11/2/17: Morrissey lawsuit alleges attorneys, RTD conspired to derail his mayoral bid