November 7, 2017: RVA Dirt Voting Selections

We have a lot to vote on tomorrow RVA. The RVA Dirt ladies got together in a group chat and talked about who they like for each part of the ballot. We unanimously agreed with our selections but we all have different reasons for why we like each candidate. I have gone through and added my opinion/perspective and included space for my partners in crime to add their comments. 

GOVERNOR: Ralph Northam

  • JP: Ed Gillespie is attempting to fear monger his way to a governorship. He was coy when Trump endorsed him; however, I have seen a mailer Gillespie sent out that included Trump's endorsement tweet. Northam's biggest slip ups have been regarding the Justin Fairfax mailer and recent stance on sanctuary cities
  • FLD:  At every turn Gillespie has shown his campaign will fear monger, dirty dance and down right lie for votes. The “schools need money more than we need statues removed” argument is a deadfish that we need not hear in defense of keeping the statues. 
  • MV:  Definitely going to echo JP here. Ed Gillespie has run an appalling campaign. The Trumpesque racism and lying just blew my damn mind, but I concede it shouldn't have. I should have seen it coming, because DUH. My votes are historically pragmatic, but this go 'round, I have a lot of emotion stirred in. I'm voting for Northam so that Virginia doesn't get locked into a 1950s white male utopia for the next 4 years. Granted, Northam is an older white male, but he is a doctor who believes women should have control over their own medical decisions, and he is not a racist scumbag, so that pretty much seals the deal.


  • JP: This one was pretty cut and dry based on the candidate's stances on issues. Other than that, Vogel said Fairfax isn't informed enough to "talk intelligently" about the issues. 
  • FLD:  Since Vogel thinks the state (or really anyone other than myself) should control or have any say so in what is done with my  vagina it’s a clear and cut no for me. 
  • MV: Rolling my eyes at the Vogel quote. How could I vote against Justin Fairfax? That would be like voting against everything I believe in. He is my Unicorn Candidate. 🦄


  • JP: Mark is the incumbent and I haven't had a major challenge with him to date. Here are his issues and an 'inside the mind' article. 
  • FLD:  When a candidate makes special notice to tell you that they’re not a a campaign ad...just go with Herring. 
  • MV: Mark Herring has done a fine job as attorney general. I'm sure if I dug real real deep I could find something to gripe about, but why? His opponent, John Adams has the smug demeanor of a professional mansplainer, so that's a NO from me, dawg.


  • JP: Running unopposed. No alternative. 
  • FLD:  Nothing witty to say here. 
  • MV: I'm writing in the Babadook just so it looks like there is a challenger. 


  • JP: I checked out Loupassi's voting record and think his ten years in office is more than enough. Most of Adams's positions I agree with. 
  • FLD:  Adams had some very “safe” positions but change is good, Loupassi has had a good long ride. 
  • MV: Loupassi is a relic of old, stale Richmond. Time to go! I, too, agree with Dr. Adams' positions and think she would bring a much needed change to this seat. 


  • JP: While some of Montigue's ideas may be radical and in some cases unrealistic, I think we need someone willing to try new things in office. Some people may take issue with how he dresses but I believe his passion for improving our community would be a great asset in the House of Delegates. Having a radical voice in the house of delegates does not mean suddenly the General Assembly will be a bastion of reform. However, having that voice to ask questions and push the envelope is important to the change process. 
  • FLD:  Magruder has some stretched views but they’re honest and are the policy #goals voters want to see but don’t always support. While his ideas may seem radical, he’s genuine and consistent. 
  • MV: Montigue is probably the most sincere candidate I've ever met. Yes, he has a lot of radical ideas, but don't let his doable, practical stances on the issues slip by you. He is unafraid to ask tough questions and challenge political norms, but he is also a guy with genuine regard for the citizens in his district. He's going to work for US, not for himself. Your issues are his issues. You can count on that. 


  • JP: Running unopposed. No alternative. 
  • FLD: No comment really needed.
  • MV: Unopposed. Shocker. 


  • JP: Running unopposed. No alternative. Also, he was just elected earlier this year and I would like him to have a shot in the General Assembly for a full session. 
  • FLD: Same echos from me. Let’s give him a full term and see how he performs. 
  • MV: I would also like to see how the Bourne Identity plays out for a full session. 


  • JP: Personally, I have not heard much about Preston Brown's campaign. While I like to challenge the status quo, I do not like to do so blindly. 
  • FLD:  Preston Brown’s campaign was probably the single most comical thing this campaign season.  While he can tell a good joke, I’d stick with Bagby. 
  • MV: Same. I don't have much of an opinion here.

SHERIFF: Antoinette Irving

  • JP: Antoinette is active in her community and I believe she will bring that perspective with her experience to the office of sheriff
  • FLD:  Antoinette is the absolute best candidate. Hands down. She’s not the loudest voice in the room, but she’s definitely getting the most done. 
  • MV: Out of all the candidates, Irving has earned the office of Sheriff. She may be brusque in nature, but she's not here to BS you, she's here to get 💩 done.

TREASURER: Michelle Mosby

  • JP: First, let's remember that the office of treasurer is basically a DIY job description. With the flexibility to design the position to be something the people of Richmond need, I think Michelle has the vision and understanding of Richmond AND City Hall to do something special with the position. 
  • FLD:  Michelle is connected and will use her experience to breathe life into the office of treasurer.  
  • MV: I can't NOT like Michelle Mosby. Treasurer is pretty much a Choose Your Own Adventure job, but so what? Ms. Mosby genuinely wants to serve her community in a positive way, so we should let her. She's got experience and knowledge of City Hall and the City has a whole. I believe she can make the role of Treasurer into an actual "something." 


  • JP: No way I could fit this into a couple sentences. You can read my long-form opinion here
  • FLD: JP said it all so I’ll just leave this one  alone. 
  • MV: I can't vote in the 3rd District, because I'm a 6th District resident. I'm going to use this space to tell you how thankful I am that I don't have to vote in a School Board Member this go 'round. Lord, it is HIGH TEA over at the #RPSBoard and I have had my fill. I will take the wacky hijinks of #RVACouncil over that any day. I would like Kenya to win, for what it's worth. I think Scott Barlow could use the support over in the Sane Kids' Corner. 

SCHOOL MODERNIZATION REFERENDUM: undecided but leaning toward a hesitant yes

  • JP: I am all about getting Schools more money to fix facilities but the wording on the referendum makes me leery that this is a political tactic but I am not sure who it is trying to help. 
  • FLD:  After sitting through several explanations of the referendum, in theory yes, but why is the wording so dodgy? Where is this magical unicorn money coming from?
  • MV:  I’m undecided.