An RVA Trump Compendium, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

by Jessee Perry

Today was the Inauguration Day of our 45th President and a lot of us in RVA are sitting around questioning if this is real life. The big bright spot here for us is that with only 15% of Richmond voters casting their ballot for President Trump, we can truly be a sanctuary city. In that spirit, I compiled a little bit of a guide to help everyone over the next four years. 

If you are upset about Trump, I am sure you have thought: "Anyone in Richmond voted for Trump? What? How do I avoid them?!?" 

If you are happy about Trump and for whatever reason still read anything we publish, I am sure you have thought: "Where are my people? I need a sanctuary city of my own!" 

If you are trying to get out there and shake up the system, I am sure you have thought: "WHERE DO I GO TO EXPLAIN TO THESE PEOPLE WHY THIS IS A TERRIBLE THING?!?!?" 

Good news: I have answers. Attached is a compendium that provides the data points by district and precinct ranked from high to low Trump voter-ship. Included are district and precinct maps in the order from high to low Trump voters in case you need a visual aid. So whatever your plan is over the next four years, enjoy this little reference guide to determine how you will approach our city.

An RVA Trump Compendium