RVA Dirt New Years Eve 2016

by Jessee Perry

Understatement of 2017: A lot happened last year. 

Regardless of your political party affiliation, chances are there was at least one time in 2016 you were livid at some news story or event. Chances are you also were devastated by at least one piece of news last year. Near the end of December the human race has an annual tradition of getting over-the-top hopeful for the upcoming year. 'Tis the season for absurd New Years Resolutions! Personally, I believe before you can move forward, you need to acknowledge and let go of the past. As individuals.... as a city... as a country... let's let all of the negativity, hate, vitriol, bad mojo, and idiocy burn. 

To begin our #LetItBurnIn2016 tour, I compiled a brief list of some 2016 low points. This is not a comprehensive list so feel free to add your contributions in the comments section. 


Big Name Deaths. 

David Bowie. Natalie Cole. Alan Rickman. Harper Lee. Nancy Reagan. Frank Sinatra Jr. Prince. Muhammad Ali. Antonin Scalia. Gene Wilder. Antonin Yelchin. Elie Wiesel. Miss Cleo. John Saunders. Alexis Arquette. Arnold Palmer. Janet Reno. Florence Henderson. Lisa Lynn Masters. John Glenn. Alan Thicke. Zsa Zsa Gabor. George Michael. Fidel Castro. Carrie Fisher. Debbie Reynolds. 


Turmoil, Tragedy, and Hate.

Brexit, Aleppo, bombings in Brussels, Bastille Day terror attack, Syrian refugee crisis, Pulse nightclub hate crime, Zika, Harambe, clowns, fake news, Gatlinburg fires, Disney Gator attack, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Jacai Colson, Noony Norwood, Dallas Police shootings, DAPL Protests, failed coup in Turkey, water in Flint, North Korea H-Bomb test, increase in hate crimes, alt-right, All Lives Matter. 



Clinton's leaked emails, Russia rigged elections, Electoral college, Grab her by the p****, David Duke supports Trump, Putin, Gary Johnson and What is Aleppo?, Trump's small hands, Ted Cruz or Zodiac Killer, Melania Trump RNC speech, Wikileaks, Trump attacks Captain Khan's father, deplorables, Clinton illnesses, Trump on Twitter, Clinton Foundation, James Comey, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, bad hombres and nasty women, Trump-Putin bromance, Trump sexual assault allegations, Chris Christie's Stockholm Syndrome, Congressional Sit In, Gun Control Filibuster, Republican Presidential Nominee Army (Kasich, Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Bush, Gilmore, Christie, Fiorina, Santorum, Paul, Huckabee, Graham, Jindal, Walker, Perry, Pataki, and Trump), Super Tuesday. 



Joe Morrissey, Morrissey texts, proposed school closures, school funding, police funding, climbing homicide rate, Dominion coal ash, Investigation in DPU, overdue financial audits, civil rights complaint filed against RPS, leaked school board emails, Westhampton School, Dwight's security detail, Chris Bopst blackface, Mayoral Candidate Army (Morrissey, Stoney, Baliles, Berry, Mosby, Williams, Baliles, Tyler, Junes, Peterson, Schintzius, Harvey, Ingold, Rayford, Estes, Froman, Dickinson, Tatnall, Franklin, Richardson), Forum fatigue, Junes and what is LGBTQ?, #NeverMorrissey, Confederate Monuments, protests. 

RVA Dirt New Years Eve 2016

Melissa Vaughn decked out for New Years Eve. 

Melissa Vaughn decked out for New Years Eve. 


On New Years Eve, RVA Dirt reached out to friends, family, and followers asking what they wanted to leave behind in 2016. Annnnnd then we burnt it. In a trashcan fire. Recorded it. Then edited it. And now... without further ado... for your catharsis... RVA Dirt presents New Years Eve 2016 #TrumpsterFire! 

(***WARNING*** There are expletives used in the video)