Hypotheticals... Part Deux

While I was rooting around in data, my mind started wandering to answer the question of how the lower polling candidates could declare victory in the RVA Mayor race. 

How can Bruce Tyler, Lawrence Williams, or Bobby Junes win?

·         Blood magic

·         W.W. Poole

·         Sabotage

·         Dominion offers to let Jack Berry use their fleet of planes to fly the other 7 candidates to see other cities with a strong-mayor form of government. The plane disappears over the Bermuda Triangle.

·         Purge Night

·         Apocalypse takes out the other candidates

·         Lupus

·         Election held in Richmond, CA

·         Brexit?

·         Joe Morrissey brandished another automatic weapon but this time it goes off before he loses it

·         To one up themselves from their endorsement of Gary Johnson, the Richmond Times-Dispatch endorses Bobby Junes

·         They tally the scores like golf and the lowest score wins #RaceToTheBottom #NotShockoeBottom #JackBerryStayAway

·         Meteor hits a forum they weren’t invited to attend

·         Bees?

·         City government is abolished and the Caritas Board is installed in their place

·         Ancient Aliens  

·         Mutiny lead by Doug Wilder

·         City Hall is actually the Henrico County Parks Department

·         Turns out the city master plans are actually blue prints

·         Everything is magically fixed and the only thing the city needs are a bunch of green alleyways

·         Bobby Junes was Joe Morrissey all along

·         Dwight Jones was never elected and Lawrence Williams is actually preparing for his third term as mayor