An Introduction of Sorts

Hey there, neighbors!

I want to welcome y'all to this community blog dedicated to bringing you all the best RVADirt we can dig up! As time goes on and we gain our footing, our contributors will be all over this beautiful city looking for your news, opinions, stories, community events and more! We want to give everyone a voice, a place where you can engage with others of all political ideals for frank, civil discourse.

Every contributor has their own distinct voice. As long as the blog is not meanspirited or ignorant, the philosophy is you-do-you. All of our contributors will introduce themselves in their own ways. You can check out the About Us for more info on the folks behind RVADirt. It will update as we grow. I'd like to take this moment of your time to let you know what you'll be seeing from me, Melissa Vaughn, the busiest lil' bee.

My bits will be local politics, write ups of whatever community events you, the reader send or invite me to, and eventually a Blight Blog. Mostly, I gently rib the candidates and local officials because no one is above that and a sense of humor goes a long way in this town. You will find that I am critical of some more than others. Less criticism does not equal endorsement. It just means those candidates/politicians didn't suck so hard on that occasion. If I am more critical of you, don't get butthurt. LEARN. I say these things because I care and my opinion is that you need improvement. We here at RVADirt started this blog because we deeply love this city and its residents. Richmond politics is out of control and many are concerned our representatives are not listening to us, the constituents. We want our elected officials to HEAR us, learn, grow as public servants and generally DO BETTER! Richmond needs voices to speak for every single resident. EVERY SINGLE ONE. If you, the politicians, listen carefully to and engage the public at large, ALL OF US NOT JUST SOME, we are more likely to get involved in local politics, influence policy and become a strong and dedicated part of our communities. And to the readers – Please reach out! Contact Us HERE (or at the links on the Contributors page to contact me directly) if you'd like us to cover or post your event, you have a story idea, or a question you'd like asked of a candidate or local representative.

The only way Richmond will thrive is together.