I enjoy gardening in large sunglasses.

I enjoy gardening in large sunglasses.

Melissa Vaughn @Busybeerva 

I am a resident of North Highland Park in the 6th District and I live with my husband, best friend, Emmett the Chug, 3 cats and 16 fish. I love Northside and Richmond City politics so hard. I also love gardening, leggings, fluffy creatures, unicorns, old as hell houses, funk & soul music, art, sweet treats, TV, pickle brine, and your mom. Say HI! to her for me. The exasperated sigh is my signature sound.

I live tweet #rvacouncil and other local government meetings or forums at the handle above or @rvadirt 🐝. Check out our other gig over at Brookland Park Post!

This is me. Travelling.Β 

This is me. Travelling. 

Hey Y'all!Β 

Hey Y'all! 


Jessee Perry @VoteJesseeperry

I live in Northern Barton Heights near Battery Park. I love local politics, travelling, having open dialogues, and cats. Also, full disclosure, I am running for School Board in the 3rd district. 

For as snarky as I am, I am just as caring. My passion is equal access to opportunities which, in Richmond, means I am passionate about a lot ranging from education to housing and more. 




I'm a Richmond area transplant from the Tidewater.  I attended high school in RVA and later returned to the area after marriage.  Looking for a way to serve the community, I began volunteering for various non-profit organizations, registering voters and following local politics for fun.  Besides being the coolest SAHM ever, I love to cook, travel, and live tweet RVA social and political events all through these twitter streets.  I like my [vegan] food spicy, my heels super high, and my wine by the bottle.  I hope you enjoy my super shady humor so much that you're led to get involved in #RVAPolitics too.