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Linwood Holton PTA General Meeting- Get Involved with Organizations

  • Linwood Holton Elementary 1600 West Laburnum Avenue Richmond, VA, 23227 United States (map)

Holton's teachers and parents work hard to teach our kids the importance of community involvement and engagement. With that in mind, we are inviting local organizations to come join us so that our families can learn a bit about what you do and get involved. We're hoping to have a range of groups that support outreach efforts at an individual, city and state levels.

The meeting will be held at the school at 6:30pm on Wednesday March 8th at Linwood Holton Elementary School.

Participating organizations include:

OneVirginia 2021
Bike Walk Northside
Gracies Guardians
Standing Up for Racial Justice
Support RPS / Building a Better RPS
Holton Reads
Holton Harvest Festival
Holton Auction

Stay tuned for updates!